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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural 2.17, 2.18

Tube Talk
Every week Elizabeth and I discuss four episodes of Supernatural. Next week, though, we'll only be discussing two as we wrap up season 2. I love this show. It has already earned a spot in my favorites. :)

Episode 2.17 Heart
While investigating the death of a lawyer who appeared to have been killed by a wild animal, Sam and Dean realize they are actually tracking a werewolf.

Amy: I like werewolves more than I used to, but not this kind. They didn't even look like wolves at all!

Elizabeth: Yeah - I thought it was creepy that werewolf teeth looked so much like vampire teeth. I definitely have a soft spot for werewolves, though.

Amy: I knew immediately Madison was a wolf. It was all confirmed when she talked about her night of random violence.

Elizabeth: I actually didn't realize that right away - I guess Glen, the creepy neighbor, but not Madison. I'm not that good at guessing plot points, apparently.

Amy: I thought it was really sad that the wolves didn't know they were wolves. How tragic and what a terrifying ending for Glen!

Elizabeth: Well, I didn't feel THAT sorry for Glen - he was a creeper. But I did think that having then unaware they were werewolves was a cool twist.

Amy: I also was pretty sure that Madison couldn't be cured, but I was sad for Sam. It was clearly about more than his affection (and lust!) for her but his sorrow and struggle came because he saw his own situation mirrored in hers.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I had a feeling it wouldn't be a happy ending. It seems like now more and more Sam sees himself in the creatures they are hunting.

Amy: I became obsessed with Silent Lucidity when I heard it. I love that song and haven't heard it in years!

Elizabeth: I love the soundtrack for this show. They pick some of the greatest rock songs that always seem to fit so perfectly with what's happening on screen.

Amy: Great episode but a bummer with no hope for werewolves. Your thoughts?

Elizabeth: I really liked this one - of course, I say that after practically every episode. One of my favorite humorous moments was when Sam was left to guard Madison, and ends up getting drawn into her soap opera - very funny!

Supernatural Season 2 DVD Cover

Episode 2.18 Hollywood Babylon
Sam and Dean travel to Hollywood to investigate the death of an actor on a horror film set, after rumors spread that he was killed by a ghost.

Amy: Answer me this, why when they have a movie in a movie or tv show in a tv show do they do that fake acting stuff???? I didn't think Tara Benchley could act at all. :)

Elizabeth: I know - I always wonder if it's poking fun just a little bit. I don't think it's a stretch to say that some of those "horror-porn" type movies are a little weak in the acting department. I wonder if this was before or after JP starred in Friday the 13th! Amy: Hmm, he's in that? Guess I should see it!

Amy: Lots of funny jokes in this one with the trip past Star's Hollow and the comment about the Canadian weather! (they film there) And then later on the Monster Truck movie poster (lamest Spn episode EVER)...did I miss any?

Elizabeth: The Monster Truck was hilarious!! I also loved the cameo by McG, who is the creator/producer of Supernatural, as the director of the horrible movie.

Amy: Dean is just too adorable for me with his whole PA thing!

Elizabeth: I know - he was just so happy having a normal job. And he seemed to settle into it so quickly.

Amy: The ghosts were pretty freaky!

Elizabeth: yes - and the deaths horrible! Getting chopped up by a giant propeller blade would be an awful way to go.

Amy: I wondered if there was more to that Latin than met the eye.

Elizabeth: Here's the thing - apparently, in this show, there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye. =)

Amy: Also a mention about new media and buzz...woo-hoo!

Elizabeth: I know!!! I'm choosing to believe that was because of us. =)

Amy: Do you think the writer was picking a bone with someone who had messed with their creation?

Elizabeth: I think that would be awesome if it were true. I would really like to see a revival of the old-school literary feud that writers in the 1900s used to do.

Amy: Kind of a goofy episode, but still fun.

Elizabeth: I liked this goofy episode so much more that Tall Tales - it was a lot of fun.

Hope on over to Elizabeth's for our discussion of 19 and the tear jerker of an episode 20! And join us next week as we discuss the season two finale.



Elizabeth said...

I don't usually watch horror movies, but I'm thinking about making an exception for the new Friday the 13th, just because JP is in it. In the preview I saw, I couldn't stop myself from thinking it was Sam...=)

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