Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tube Talk : Supernatural Season 2 Episode 21

Tube Talk Supernatural
Every week, Elizabeth and I talk about a few episodes of Supernatural. And every week I have a fail of some sort...fail to watch the episodes on time, fail to post on time, etc. I'm sorry, Elizabeth! I love you and this show! We are already at the end of season 2. Time flies when you love a show. Season 3 was cut short due to the blasted writer's strike so before you know it we'll be whining about how we can't get our hands on season 4. The things you have to look forward to. By the way we totally post with spoilers, just an FYI.

Episode 21: All Breaks Loose
Synopsis: Sam is abducted by the yellow-eyed demon and finds himself in a ghost town with children who have special abilities. They learn that the demon has brought them together to initiate his endgame: an all-out war against the human race.

Amy: OMG, this episode was like Heroes meets the Hunger Games!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth: I know - I thought the setup was brilliant.

Amy: What a creepy little town they found themselves in. Did you feel at all suspicious of Ava having been there for 5 months? How bout Lily's ability? I would have just wanted to die anyway, if I couldn't touch anyone.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Lily's ability was awful. But I can understand why the demon might want that for its army. I thought it was a little weird that Ava had been there for so long, but she seemed so completely innocent that I didn't imagine she had turned so heartless. Although, I suppose at some point your self-preservation instinct would have to kick in, so I can't say that I really blame her.

Amy: I knew the Roadhouse was doomed when Ash said he couldn't talk on that line. Seriously bummed about that.

Elizabeth: That was awful! The roadhouse was the closest thing the brothers had to a home, and now that is gone, too. And I'm so sorry to lose Ash! Amy: Me too.

Amy: I was kind of sorry to see Andy kick it.

Elizabeth: He had really grown on me, but I was happy it was him and not Sam. Amy: Oh just you wait. ;)

Amy: I was hoping Sam could kill that kid, but he couldn't. Sad times.

Elizabeth: I think it just showed that Sam is NOT, in fact, the killer that everyone tells him he will become. Amy: Sam is no Katniss.

Amy: How heartbreaking was Sam's death?

Elizabeth: That was really horrible. The despair in Dean's eyes was heartbreaking. I knew at that point that he was going to do something tragic to try to bring his brother back - it was his one job, and he failed. I had a pit in my stomach, anticipating what would happen next.

Amy: I love Dean. Just realized I hadn't gotten that in somehow this week, so I better take the opportunity. :)

Go see our thoughts on the end of the season at Elizabeth's blog and join us next week for the beginning of our discussion on Season 3.



Unknown said...

Based on your recommendations, I just started watching season 1 of Supernatural, and I love it. Thanks for giving me something to fill my summer days!
I'm having a giveaway for April & Oliver, if you haven't read it.

Elizabeth said...

Hooray - we sucked another one in! =)

Amy, I love you too, and I'm so happy we're watching this together.

And also, I love your weekly "I love Dean." =)

And I'm looking for a source for season 4 - stay tuned...

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