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Tube Talk: Supernatural Episodes: 2x13, 2x14

Tube Talk
Elizabeth and I are working our way through Supernatural Season 2 each week and we discuss 4 episodes a week. Join in!

Episode 13: Houses of the Holy
Sam and Dean investigate the murders of several people by individuals who claim they were visited by an angel and were carrying out God's will.

Amy: Okay I have to admit, I was like FINALLY. If you deal in darkness all the time there has to be an opposite, right? Barely ever mentioned on the show, and I was curious!

Elizabeth: I totally agree. I was so happy that the show acknowledged the other side of the coin, so to speak.

Amy: I found it interesting, the difference between Dean and Sam and Dean's inability to believe because he couldn't see. I found his argument that bad things had happened much more compelling. I also found Sam's desperation to believe sad...he so wants to be saved.

Elizabeth: Well, Dean's argument was certainly more logical - if there really were angels, there would be stories about it all over the hunter's network. I thought his recollection that the last thing their mom said to him was that there were angels watching over them was especially poignant. I was honestly shocked when Sam revealed that he prayed every night. I can understand why he's so desperate to believe - he's grasping onto anything he can think of to try and change his destiny. Amy: That's true about the hunters. Besides, wouldn't you think angels would be hunting the demons? And I thought demons were fallen angels!

Amy: Did you think it was angel or demon? What do you think about the difference between Sam and Dean and their belief? I loved the last scene where the roles had kind of switched.

Elizabeth: I don't that that it was an angel OR a demon - just another confused spirit. I get the feeling that being a spirit is a lot more difficult that it seems. I wasn't surprised by Sam's switch - I feel like he's just going to get one blow after another. But I was a bit surprised by Dean's. He was SO SURE that angels don't exist, so to see him entertain the possibility was kinda cool. Amy: Well, true. I also remember that the reaper told Dean if he couldn't let go, he'd become an angry spirit. So it IS complicated.

Amy: Overall, another great episode with significant character development. You?

Elizabeth: I thought it was a good one!

Supernatural Season 2 DVD Cover

Episode 14: Born Under a Bad Sign
After receiving a frantic call from Sam, who has been missing for over a week, Dean races to his brother's side.

Amy: Well I guess it stands to reason that if people can be possessed so can the brothers.

Elizabeth: Oh, no no no no - I did not like Sam being possessed at all!!! I don't like it when they mess with my boys. Amy: In a strange slightly disturbing way, it did make Sam kinda hot though, he's normally so tortured.

Amy: This episode once again brought the conflict of Dean needing to save or kill Sam to the forefront, and Dean clearly said he'd rather die.

Elizabeth: I think it's clear that Dean believes he MUST save Sam. I don't think he will allow himself to think anything else, because he sees it as his true mission in life.

Amy: Also, Jo has a thing for Dean. Big huge surprise, I mean who doesn't.

Elizabeth: Well, of course - she's young, he's a sexy bad boy - it's inevitable.

Amy: Though I loved it when the demon referenced Sam's dewy sensitive true!

Elizabeth: That was brilliant! Sam has the best puppy dog eyes!

Amy: That Bobby is a clever one and I was so glad he was onto Sam (the demon) so fast.

Elizabeth: I love Bobby. Jim Beaver is a brilliant actor, first in Deadwood and now Supernatural. I wish the boys would just keep him around permanently - I feel like they would get into less trouble. Amy: Never watched Deadwood.

Amy: Sam now has blood on his hands even if it's not his fault. Do you think this will complicate things?

Elizabeth: Well, I think it just reinforces his belief that he's destined to be a killer. I think he has wanted to believe he can "change" his destiny, but now this just makes him believe even more that he can't escape his fate.

Amy: Do you think the demon was telling the truth about Jo's dad?

Elizabeth: I'm never completely comfortable believing what a demon says, but I thought there was definitely a ring of truth to it. Amy: I think so, too, and John Winchester was a man that could do what was necessary.

Amy: I loved how Dean refocused Sam's attention on the fact that he could still save him.

Elizabeth: Their relationship is so strong - they both depend so much on each other. I can't imagine them without the other. I love the way they can always remind each other of what really matters, and what the truth really is.

Elizabeth's got our discussion of episodes 15 and 16! Love this show!



Anonymous said...

Interesting post with the back and forths between you. I felt almost like a silent pal between ya :-)

Mags and I watch Supernatural, though I've not been as much into it lately. This last season's finale was the best yet, though. I need to get them all and just marathon them before next season.

Mags and I both agree... It's all about Sam :-D

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