Monday, June 22, 2009

Dial M for Murder--Summer of Hitchcock

Dial M for Murder
Dial M for Murder has always been a Hitchcock film I enjoyed. The premise of trying to pull off the perfect murder is an interesting one, even if I didn't think the set-up was in any way perfect. So many things to go wrong!

When I watched the film, though, I did fall asleep for the first 30 minutes. But, I've seen it before and it was a much needed nap!

Dial M for Murder is the story of Tony Wendice who has discovered his wealthy wife, Margot, is having an affair with novelist Tony Halliday. He devises a plot to kill her that he believes will be the perfect murder.

Things never go as expected though, and the night of the murder brings circumstances Tony didn't anticipate. Will he get away with his plot against his wife? Or will he be found out?

It's important to note two things when watching Dial M for Murder. The first is that it is based on a stage play--this explains the simple settings and dialogue and performance being the driving elements of the film. The second is that it was filmed for 3-d. I've actually seen parts of it in 3-d at Universal Studios. The scene where Margot is reaching for the scissors is really amazing!

Overall, I enjoy this film, though it does move at a fairly slow pace. The acting is pretty good and it's fun to hate on Tony. Grace Kelly is stunning and the furniture couldn't possibly be uglier!



Unknown said...

Oh, I love Dial M for Murder, but haven't seen it in ages. Need to rewatch it asap. It reminds me a bit of Midnight Lace with Doris Day - not a Hitchcock film, but a decent suspense flick nonetheless.

Robyn LaForest said...

First off I must confess I love anything Grace Kelly is in. She is the definition of class and lets not forget her wardrobe! So in saying that I did like Dial M for Murder. I especially liked the close ups and dramatic pauses. I also find movies where someone is trying to commit the "perfect" murder intriguing. This quote from Alfred Hitchcock sums it up "The best way to do it is with scissors."

Robyn LaForest said...

I forgot to add I missed the witty banter from North by Northwest! I can't wait for Rear Window, possibly my favorite Hitchcock movie.


Literary Feline said...

I saw this so many years ago that I had to dig out the cobwebs in my memory banks. I hadn't known it had been filmed for 3-D. That's an interesting bit of trivia!

Heidenkind said...

You fell asleep? LOL The beginning is sort of slow.

I didn't know the film was originally shot for 3-D until I watched the special features on the DVD. It does sound like it would be really cool to watch in that format! I hope someday they special release it in 3-D.

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Great review! I really liked this movie and there's been so many local playhouses putting on shows of this - I should really go sometime to see it as a play :)

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