Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weekly Review: Week Ending 5/16

Everyday leading up to BEA (BookExpo America) has felt so incredibly busy! And the blog world is just exploding with amazing content.

First things first, Firebrand has opened up their booth at BEA to share with lit bloggers. So basically over 40 of us will be there, um, signing. I'll be there Friday from 4:00-5:00 with the fabulous Julie of Booking Mama. I hope if you're going to be at BEA, you'll swing by and see me! You can find the complete schedule of bloggers at Follow the Reader. Oh yeah, it's booth #4077.

The LOST finale completely blew my mind as I've already mentioned, so I've been reading all the recaps and new theories posted. Here are a few of my favorites:
The Televisionary Blog, as always, has an excellent recap.

Robin Lee Hatcher shares a funny LOST parody.

The Doc Artz Blog will be rewatching the entire series leading up to the season six premeiere. If that's too ambitious for you, at the LOST Books Challenge Blog, we'll be rewatching (or watching for a first time!) season 3.

Also enjoyed the LOSTpedia review of the The Incident.

I'm not a huge fan of Wuthering Heights, but the news that Ed Westwick will be playing Heathcliff got me very excited about this new project. Seems like excellent casting to me.

Strange Culture has an interesting series of posts about films that Christians want inspired by that interesting piece in Entertainment Weekly while ago. I'm linking to the latest one because he links to all the others in the post!

Beth Kephart put up the cover for her next book due out in 2010. I love Beth's books and this one look great. Plus, I love the title! (click through to find out what it is!)

People continue to blame blogs for everything not going right in their corner of the world, and Angela Hunt celebrates A Tale of Three Trees 20th anniversary with a bit of history behind the story!

What books would you give your younger self if you could? (HT: Angieville)

Also a new wiki of anti-war books for children has been created. (HT: Rhapsody in Books)

I'd like to ask...did you read a children's book this week to celebrate Children's Book Week? If so, tell me all about it in comments!



Nari - The Novel World said...

I can't believe that LOST season finale...I'm in shock and I really, really don't want to wait until 2010 to find out what happens!! I think I'll juse the hiatus as a chance to re-watch the show from season 1 and starting the pieces of the puzzle together...

I read a number of children's books, mostly picture books for the 2 story-times I held this week at the library. The first was a Monster theme, and the second was a Ducks & Math theme.

BurtonReview said...

Just wanted to let you know I was here :) I get sad when I don't get comments on my posts so I am spreading some love. I did not read a Chidlren's book, shame on me.. But I watched my husband point circle.. dog.. blue... square.. to my son last week. And I won a giveaway for a Children's book that my hubby and son can enjoy, and I am excited for that:)

Deborah said...

will you guys be signing books also that you are endorsed in???

RC said...

Thanks for the link-age Amy - glad you're enjoying the series :-)

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