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LOST Recap and Discussion: The Incident

Have I ever mentioned that LOST is, without a doubt, my favorite show ever? I love this show so much and tonight's season finale, the last season finale ever!!! really blew my mind. Seriously, it went beyond my expectations and through the whole thing, one word just kept popping up in my head...."huh?"

So....if you haven't had a chance to watch yet please ignore this post but come back and share you thoughts when you do...I'm warning you....spoilers!!!

First of all, there's no way I can do a proper recap. Two hours is just too long so let's hit the highlights.

The Opening Scene
The opening scene introduced us to Jacob and whoever that other guy was....the spirit of the island? The monster? Evil? (notice Jacob attired in white and the other guy in black). To be honest, this whole scene set much of my confusion for the episode. But I sort of LOVE Jacob so I hope two things...
1) He's not dead
2) He's not evil

I can't believe we saw Jacob! And the statue! And futhermore...

VINCENT!!!! Who was living happily ever after with a very chill Rose and Bernard. Juliet convinced Sawyer to get off the sub and try to stop Jack, and that's how they stumbled on Rose and Bernard who were in hiding, because, as they put it, they're retired. (LOVE THEM!!) Of course this was the perfect opportunity for me to start getting annoyed with Sawyer when he gazed dreamily at Kate while Rose and Bernard talked about how being together was all that mattered. I would have been broken hearted if I'd been Juliet as well.

Sayid got shot. :( If he dies, I will be utterly devastated. Seriously, if he's dead, they better give my favorite character a better send-off. Know what I'm saying? How heartbreaking to watch Nadia's death!

Jack and Sawyer had a big old fight!!!! Bet that felt good! I really thought Sawyer was going to kill Jack!

Juliet dumped Sawyer...I sort of didn't blame her. I mean, the way he looked at Kate? I'd hate to be second choice, too.

But not too fast! Kate has decided to get all mooney over Jack again. GIVE ME A BREAK. But Jack...the only thing he wants is her....awww.

So anyway, Sayid is bleeding to death and no one seems to really care because they're finally trying to get the bomb to detonate. Miles mentions maybe Jack's about to cause the very thing they're trying to avoid, but no one pays attention. But oh no! The drill has hit the pocket and everything is going crazy. All metal items are flying into the well and some chains wrap around Juliet and pull her along.

By far one of the most touching deaths on LOST, Kate and Sawyer try to pull Juliet out, but it's just not happening. Seeing they will perish as well, Juliet lets go with cries of love to Sawyer. Man, you can feel his grief...I did and cried. Positively epic as so many people said. :( (this is an example of a good send-off)

Meanwhile, back in 2007, Locke is all creepy and bossy and moving everyone around the island. He informs Ben that he will be killing Jacob. Ilana and crew haul Lapidus along with them and the big metal box that will later reveal...the body of Locke. It was about this point that I went..."huh?" for the 400,000th time.

Anyway, Ben throws a little fit to Jacob, who says, "what about you?" and then Ben STABS JACOB. Jacob as he is possibly dying, says "they're coming."

Juliet's not dead yet, and she bashes the bomb...fade to white..LOST.

A few more things I need to point out..
LOVED Sun finding Charlie's ring! LOVED Jacob with Hurley. LOVED seeing the little scenes like Jack in that famous surgery. LOVED Jin and Sun's wedding.

Jacob visiting everyone...what does it mean? What does that whole opening conversation mean? Where will Desmond fit into all of this?
What is the island? And maybe the biggest question of all...


I really have no idea what direction the show is going in and you better believe I'll be standing in line as early as possible at Comic-Con to get a few glimpses.

Oh and Jacob reading "Everything that Rises Must Converge"? YES!!! I need to read that for the 1% Well Read Challenge and now I'll be able to knock out two birds with one stone! :)

I know I'm missing a lot, but I've go to go...PLEASE share your thoughts with is just totally buzzing with so many thoughts and I can't wait to hear yours!!!



Chrisbookarama said...

Whoa! What a show!

First, I'm so glad Bernard & Rose are alive. I love them.

Juliet yelling, "I love you so much" and Sawyer "Don't let go!" Tears. That was so touching. He really did love her.

So the dude on the beach is in the form of Locke now. Was he also Alex in the cavern? Locke wasn't there at that moment. Jacob seems like the good spirit of the island and the other guy the bad. Evil can't win, right? Ben is being used for a change instead of vice versa. 'They' who are coming- the Dharma Losties?

Can't wait until 2010!

Deborah said...

so THAT's what the DS stood for!! i couldn't remember. why did they do a flashback of Juliet and not have Jacob in it? i was half expecting him to a) be her dad b) pop up in the kitchen and comfort her.

i can't think of anything else right now other than AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Jen said...

The scenes with Rose and Bernard were so funny. I just loved their attitude.

Yes, this episode was definitely a headscratcher. It will be very interesting to see where things go in the final season. Can't wait!!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Well, we are supposed to see Claire again next season. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

OH good! I'm glad someone else is thinking about the colors of the clothes. With Lost, its hard to tell what's realy important and what's not. It seems like everything is! Miles's theory seems like a great one to me -- I wonder why no one else listened to him!

BurtonReview said...

This is so funny.. i have been following your LOST posts for awhile.. and I don't watch LOST anymore. I really loved it for the first two seasons then I had my son and I lost track of LOST and everything else.. baby on the brain syndrome. So anyway I was LOST when I managed to get my head out of the clouds and couldn't fathom what the heck was going on anymore in the storyline. I don't even know how they got off the island. But I am enjoying your LOST posts, Sawyer and Kate always seemed to belong together!

Deborah said...

lol did you see the new book that yo have to read now? the flannery o connor book? i actually thought it was hilarious they showed Jacob reading the book calmly and then locke falls splat in the background. (I was guessing it would be jack's flashback at first b/c i thought it was a hospital but then right before locke came flailing down i realized it was him)

is it odd to me or why does jacob and Mr Nameless have american accents? and did richard come from the Black Rock ship?

Deborah said...

oh oh oh!!! maybe i'm wrong but i could have SWORN when jack was trying to get candy the candy bars next to the one he was trying to get said LIMBOS

Deborah said...

ok another comment from me, why didn't miles get a flashback???? everyone else did! even juliet although hers didn't have jacob. does this mean something????

~*Michelle*~ said...

My head is still spinning.......I barely could get my recap to make sense!

I really have been perceiving so many Biblical references throughout LOST and I jotted a few down if you feel like peeking in my brain, lol.

I cannot believe we are done with this season.....and only ONE more! WAH!

Deborah said...

*sigh* me again. ellie said she was preganant. is she preganant with farraday? or another baby? if it's farrady he would be younger than charlotte, and it's quite obvious that he looks alot older than she does

Lori L said...

What a totally incredible cliff hanger! I can't believe we have to wait to see what happened.... but I hope the bomb was the incident and doesn't erase everything that happened.
Loved seeing Rose and Bernard! Loved the line "We're retired." I was so hoping they were happily living on a beach.

Kacie said...

Well - I wrote about the significance of the conversation between Jacob and his nemesis, and the book that Jacob was seen reading. Find it here:

Jena said...

I found liked and hated title of the final season: Destiny Found. Does that mean the bomb did what Jack and Faraday thought it would? Such an infuriatingly unrevealing title...

And it almost seems too clear that John is one of the "them" Jacob said was coming. (I really thought that Ilana's crew was going to dump the undetonated core out of that box.)

Sarah M. said...

I think the purpose of the flashbacks were to show Jacob had visited the Oceanic Six causing in some way them to come to or come back to the island.

Juliet's flashback was more to explain why she reacted the way she did to losing Sawyer.

Miles didn't have a flashback because we've learned what we needed already as to why he came to the island - for his dad and because he has special gifts Widmore tracked him down.

I can't wait for 2010. Looks like it'll start with Jack's eye again... but as far as where they'll be I'm guessing in the present on the island... though, I suppose LAX is possible... of course then there's the question about the island and I don't think they will erase the entire past... that seems pointless in a way... I don't know.

Alix said...

I can't believe we have to wait until 2010! I need to know what's happening.

I love the Juliet, Sawyer, Kate love triangle, it;s so much better than the Kate, Swayer, Jack one. Oh the looks! I cried when she let go too.

My questions are who is Locke? Is he the guy from the beginning in Locke's body? What is the loop hole? Who is coming? And where has everyone gone now the bombs gone off.

I have NO idea what will happen next season.

caite said...

the wait is too, too long. this is just mean.
It is amazing that I can so love a show that confuses me so much.

Have I mentioned that I am so sick of Kate? Well, I am!
The Juliet "almost" death scene was excellent, 'James' and her so good together.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I'm really curious to how they are going to open next season. The whole Jacob thing was just weird. And what's up with Locke? He's dead AND alive?! Weird.

Jenny Girl said...

I loved it! Enjoyed the whole thing except for Juliet possibly dying. That was so sad! Kate should have been thrown down there.
I think it is an overall battle of good vs evil, possibly between two Egyptian gods. WHy else is there all this Egyptian stuff.
"Locke's" face was positively evil and happy after Jacon got stabbed. I think Ben might end up saving everyone. He'll put it all together.
I did like Jacob visiting everyone before they came to the island. Very cool.
I can not begin to imagine next season, but I know it will be good. Becasue if they all just wake up on a plane, I am going to be really mad.
Great post Amy :)

S. Krishna said...

I can't believe I haven't commented yet, so I'll just say great recap! It's been so much fun doing my analysis and then racing (or dawdling, in this case) over here to see what you thought. Can't WAIT for next season!

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