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LOST Recap and Discussion: Follow the Leader

Tonight's episode set us up for what will be, sob, the last LOST season finale ever. Next year at this time we'll be watching the series finale. And this episode gave me some answers in ways I didn't expect. (or rather, answers I didn't expect) As always, SPOILERS FOLLOW

The new John Locke is full of confidence and purpose and Richard Alpert is quick to pick up on that. One of the things that surprised me about this episode was just how much Richard Alpert didn't seem to know. He seemed a bit clueless and powerless. Ben defined his role as that of an adviser and said that he'd been there for a long time. Sun seizes that opportunity to ask about the LOSTies back in Dharma time, and Richard says he watched them all die.

Jack seems to believe he can fulfill Faraday's intent in changing things. The new Jack is full of a sense of purpose and destiny and not nearly as annoying as he used to be. Kate, however, continues to annoy the ever living daylights out of me. Jack tries to convince Eloise that things can be changed by detonating the bomb. Eloise agrees to give him a hand.

After watching Jack get beat up, we watch Sawyer get beat up! And both are trying to protect Kate. What a perfectly tiring storyline! Juliet begs the crazy man not to hurt Sawyer, but Radzinsky enjoys the violence. He decides to take it out on Juliet. Meanwhile, the more practical members of Dharma determine who else is involved.

Dr. Chang has been thinking about what Faraday told him and approaches Hurley and Miles. After asking Hurley questions he can't answer, the truth comes out. They are from the future. He believes about the accident.

Back among the Others, we learn that love can be complicated. Oh wait, Kate wrote that book. In any case, they head off to the bomb. ("if it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together" couldn't resist. Sorry.)

But in present day, Locke instructs Richard to tell him what he needs to know in that little clip we saw several weeks ago. See???? Richard is CLUELESS.

Dr. Chang orders an evacuation. Radzinsky? Totally annoying. He insists on drilling. He stages a coup. Sawyer wants the women and kids on the sub and Sawyer offers information in exchange for a sub ride.

Kate proves how royally annoying she can be and insists on leaving. Thankfully, this allows Sayid to make his re-emergence as he kills yet again. (but in defense of Kate) Kate acting all self-righteous explains to Sayid she saved Ben, when Sayid claims to have killed him. "Why did you do that?" he asks. Kate (who has done quite a few bad things in her day) suddenly believes herself to be the moral police. She calls Jack crazy (who admitted to being wrong!!) and heads off for Sawyer. (basically)

Eloise, Jack, Richard, and Sayid all swim to the bomb. Sayid observes they'll either be saved or put out of their misery.

On the sub, Sawyer and Juliet share a tender moment and then Kate comes and ruins everything.

Locke goes back to his people and announces that they are all invited to have a chat with Jacob. Alpert observes that Locke might be trouble. Ben, cozies up to John and shares that Richard is worried. Locke says he's not interested in reuniting with his people. He's going to Jacob to kill him. Ben stops walking, shocked. LOST

Analysis and Discussion
WHAT????????!!!!!!!!?????????? Kill Jacob?? That's what all this is about? And is killing Jacob an act of mercy or an act of taking leadership?

Meanwhile, can the future be changed? It must, I can't bear to watch all my LOSTies die!

Was anyone else surprised by just how clueless and uninformed Richard Alpert is? And should we now fear Locke instead of Ben?

And on the quadrangle? Any man who chooses Kate over Juliet is a fool.

I do dig the new purpose driven Jack. Will he try to kill Locke at some point?

I am so incredibly eager for the finale, and yet at the same time, I dread it. It means another several months of questions and no LOST. Oh well, the last delicious period of anticipation!

I want to know your thoughts!



Chris said...

Locke wants to "kill Jacob" because there is no Jacob. It's all a ruse to keep people in line. Jacob doesn't exist, and Locke wants to prove this, and in the process liberate the people from the lie they have been living under.

Chrisbookarama said...

Hey, another Chris here! My favorite moment was Dr Chang/Miles. Miles finally sees that his Dad is not the jerk he thought he was. He's actually quite heroic!

I also loved the Sawyer and Juliet moment on the sub (before Kate ruined it). Kate was awesomely annoying.

I don't understand Eloise. How can she know that she had to send Faraday back to fix things, if he actually fixed things? How can Jack change it? So confused. Time travel. Not understand.

I don't know what to think about John. Has he flipped his lid? Does he really have no interest in saving the other Losties? I think Richard may wig out at any moment. He's too calm. I hope Bernard and Rose are at the temple.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

"It means another several months of questions and no LOST." Yeah, I guess we'll just have to refocus on reading books for the LOST challenge to get our regular fix! ~LOL~

Jen said...

I loved the scene where Miles realizes why Dr. Chang pushed him and his mother away. Very sweet.

Ok, so I totally thought of you when Kate got on the sub and ruined Sawyer and Juliet's moment. I thought to myself, "Oh no, Amy must be hating this right now." :)

Jen said...

Oh and one more thing, what if they are able to do whatever it is they need to do to prevent the plane from crashing. What if that is the series finale--everyone on the plane, the plane lands and life goes on. OMG--that would be the WORST ending ever!! Kind of like the Newhart or Dallas--it was just a dream. They better not go that route.

Kacie said...

I have a theory! I think Locke IS off to kill Jacob, but I think that he's really off to kill the idea of Jacob and prove that Jacob is a fake that Richard has used to control people.

How does Locke know this? I think he knows it because he's the monster, or at least, his body is being used by the monster. I think all the Christ parallels are.... well... sorry ... I can't put it all in a comment. Hah. I'm too wordy. I wrote about it here:

MotherReader said...

All the time travel stuff is making my head spin. And Kate's actions were irritating and didn't even make sense in the context of the story.

As for Jacob, I remember that Locke heard him saying "help me." I think that somehow Jacob is trapped by the others and like Locke had to die to regain his faith in the island, he sees killing Jacob as a way to free him. Or so I guess.

Can't wait for next week.

Jenny Girl said...

Locke has the crazy smile going on because he is Jacob! It is his island now.

Why are they making Kate and Juliet's characters so wimpy? Sun too for that matter. All three women were much stronger and on par with the men before this season.

I guess I'll finally have to get crackin on those LOST challenge books :)

Unknown said...

Someone posted a theory on my recap post that I had never thought about - maybe the reason we haven't seen Rose and Bernard for months and months is because they are the couple dead in the cave. Remember Adam and Eve from the first season? I've got to admit, it makes sense.

As for Richard, I've also wondered by he is so clueless. And how come Sun doesn't know who Richard is? I thought all the original Losties had met Richard - shouldn't she remember him? And where did he get that ship in a bottle kit?

Tasha said...

I'm wondering about Sawyer. Even though he was upset about Jack, Kate, etc. coming back, it's hard for me to believe that he would be willing to leave them behind.

S. Krishna said...

I'm still stuck on the Kill Jacob thing too. It's just like where did that come from?

Jena said...

I really have to stop multi-tasking when Lost is on. I really thought John said he was going to kill Ben at Jacob's (which didn't make any sense at all).

And I had the distinct impression that Jacob really did exist--just that Ben was faking being able to communicate with him. (I will be very disappointed if it's really as simple as "Jacob, the idea of the puppetmaster who keeps everyone in line.")

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