Friday, May 15, 2009

By the Chapter and Review: The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose

This is part of a By the Chapter Week Long Discussion with Marcia of the Printed Page.

I was about 150 pages from the end when I posted on Wednesday, and I have to say while the book kept me with it, I'm not so sure I was sold on the ending!

In any case, the story continued to progress to its wretched end, in all of Josh's lives! And I'm you think he'll have to come back again or was saving Gabriella like saving Sabina?

Also, how would you feel being involved with someone who spent half their time thinking about their lost love of several hundred years ago? Josh's explanation about how they both shared their feelings and didn't use each other was interesting.

And lastly, were you satisfied by the explanation that people who are reincarnated are like a glass shattering and parts of their essence come back? (Sorry that's rough--I don't have the book with me)

I'd love to know your final thoughts and share this good news! The TV series based on the Reincarnationist, Past Lives, has been picked up by Fox! I will definitely give this one a go!



Meghan said...

I wasn't sold on the ending either. It just didn't feel like it had wrapped up the story for me. It felt like a cop-out so Josh didn't have to deal with his feelings for Gabriella. I guess I could buy that he felt strongly enough for her to do that, but it didn't leave me with a complete feeling. It left me annoyed.

I'm pretty needy, LOL, so it would drive me mad to be with someone who spent half their time flashing back and desiring another woman! It just wouldn't work.

I thought the shattered glass and water explanation was sort of interesting. I thought that being reincarnated meant you were the same, though. I think this interpretation may fit better because people have to change with the times.

Marcia said...

I thought the ending was a bit of the let down. I was expecting something more, bigger to go with everything that Josh had been through. It felt very convenient to me. Almost like the author wasn't really sure how to end it so she just wrote something. Most of the reviewers on Amazon didn't like the ending either. I know 'The Memorist', the next book, gets higher marks than this one and except for the ending I really enjoyed this book.

I think we might encounter Josh again but he won't be the Josh we knew in this book. He will be someone else's lurch. Maybe even someone else's love.

When I think about reincarnation I think of it as completing this life and moving on to my next life. I don't envision myself having lurches in time like Josh so I don't imagine myself loving someone here and someone there. But if I had to share I don't think I'd handle it to well. I find the whole concept of reincarnation fascinating and I never it a thought until I read this book.

I didn't know about the TV show but I'll definitely be checking it out.

Thank you for hosting with me this week.

S. Krishna said...

I agree with you on the ending, though it's been awhile since I've read the book!

I can't wait for PAST LIVES! I have a feeling we will be discussing it on our TV blog.

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