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LOST Recap and Discussion: Whatever Happened, Happened

Another fantastic installment in this season of LOST! Even made me cry a little! As usual, go no farther if you don't want to be spoiled.

This episode filled in a lot of the missing spots in Kate's history, and allowed Evangeline Lilly to turn in one heck of a performance. Plus, Hurley asked the question we've all been wanting to know....

The episode opens with Jin coming to. He quickly discovers the injured Ben and transports him back to Dharma land. There, Kate makes the acquaintance of one Roger Linus. The Dharmaites suspect one of their own released Sayid and Jack calls attention to himself by questioning how.

Meanwhile, back in the future but not yet the present, (ha!) Kate goes to fulfill her promise to Sawyer and take care of Clementine. At first, Cassidy is less than warm, but she quickly calls Kate out on everything, and even offers up some bitter words about why Sawyer jumped. (though I do believe she's somewhat right..Sawyer never really wanted to leave the island) She also calls Kate out on not being Aaron's mother. I think this probably allowed them to have quite a close friendship since Kate could be completely honest with her.

Kate decides to be on a mission to save Ben. She still hates to be out of the loop (goes to look for Sawyer and find out what's going on) Sawyer puts Jack, Hurley, and Kate under Miles' charge. Sawyer checks on Ben who is being worked on by Juliet, who needs Jack to pluck the bullet out.

Sawyer goes to get Jack, who is under house arrest and they all engage in a terribly confusing discussion of timeline. Jack is less than willing (okay he flat out says no) to help Ben. WHO LOVES THE NEW JACK SHEPHERD??!? Not Kate. She's ticked he won't help. But Jack is starting to sound a bit like Locke ("did you ever think that maybe the island just wants to fix things itself?") "I don't like the new you," Kate announces in a last ditch attempt at manipulating him into changing his mind. "You didn't like the old me, Kate." Jack responds.

Kate isn't done. She goes off to donate some blood to wee little Ben. Kate catches Juliet up on the fact that she and Jack were engaged. (oh the is alive and well) and Roger shares with Kate that Ben stole his keys. Ben goes into some kind of shock and Roger gets kicked out of the infirmary.

Miles and Hurley are still discussing the crazy time events. Hurley finally asks a burning question of ours..why didn't Ben remember Sayid as the man who shot him when he was a kid? Miles is stumped. He doesn't know.

Juliet and Kate concoct a plan to bring Ben to the Others for healing. (why? Juliet knows they can help does she know this?) Kate takes off on her own in a snazzy van to find the others.

Back to the past! (which is really the future) After leaving Ben and the others at the dock, Kate takes Aaron to the grocery store to get a drink. And she loses him. Luckily, a woman who looks like Claire from the back finds Kate another fright. She goes to see Cassidy and tells her about how they're going back to the island, etc. Cassidy is not a fan of Jack. She also gently reminds Kate that she expects Aaron to be taken because Kate took Aaron. Cassidy also asserts that Sawyer broke her heart and she fixed it by taking Aaron.

Back on the island! Sawyer catches up to Kate and tells her that he's planning to help save a kid for Juliet. (Making Juliet...who suffered greatly at the hands of Ben, just so completely awesome in my book)

Juliet busts into Jack in the shower and yells at him for not helping. Jack says he came back to save them, and Juliet yells..."We didn't need saving! You came back for you" She wants to know why he really came back. and Jack pulls another Lockeism..."I came back because I was supposed to."

Sawyer and Kate have a little chat about Clementine and Sawyer admits he wasn't ready to be Kate's boyfriend before. "You seem to be doing alright with Juliet." Kate responds. Sawyer says he's done a lot of growing up in the last three years.

Off island, Kate goes to see Claire's mother, confesses to stealing Aaron, leaves him in her capable hands, and weeps as she says farewell. (Okay I wept a little, too)

So they finally meet up with the hostiles, demand to see Richard and while Richard agrees to take Ben he warns that he won't remember this incident and will lose his innocence. (what the heck???) The other hostiles want Richard to check with Charles and Ellie, but Richard? He doesn't answer to anyone.

Richard takes Ben to......the Temple.

And back to the present, Ben stirs in his little sick bed and as he wakes he looks up into the eyes of the man he murdered. "Hello Ben," John Locke says. "Welcome back to the land of the living." LOST

Another great episode, this one really filled in some gaps. My major complaint is the serious lack of Sayid and Desmond. Great acting, though, and it flew right by! 4.5/5

For Discussion
What do you think happened when Richard took Ben? What took his innocence? What is the role of Charles over the hostiles? Does the mention of Charles and Ellie together mean that Widmore is Faraday's father?

Do you feel more sympathetic towards Kate after seeing some of what happened with Aaron?

Do you feel that Jack was right not to trust Kate after seeing the cozy relationship she had with Cassidy (who knew everything!) Do you think that part of why Kate didn't tell Jack about Cassidy and Clementine is because Cassidy believed Kate was torn up over Sawyer and also because Kate had TOLD HER EVERYTHING? Do you think Cassidy was correct in her assessment of why Sawyer jumped and how Kate felt about it? Do you still feel like Kate is bouncing back and forth between Sawyer and Jack?

Are you confused by the time travel? I actually feel pretty comfortable in my understanding of it!

Are you so excited for next week's LOST that you screamed out loud, "I need it be next Wednesday NOW" when it was over? What? I'm the only one who did that? I think we might finally get some Penny/Desmond answers. And we'll certainly get some Benjamin Linus answers!

Tell me all your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Chrisbookarama said...

Loved this episode!

Mysterious, ageless Richard kinda freaked me out. Did you notice how he stared at Kate? Like he was looking into her soul. The "he'll never be the same" was a bit Pet Cemetery: "They come back, but not the same. mmmwhahahaha!"

I'm glad Kate came back for Claire, not Sawyer. I can see Jack's point. He really messed things up the first time on the island. I think he's scared to even step on a bug this time around. The women really ruled this episode. I liked the dynamic between Kate and Juliet. No cat fighting.

Hurley and Miles were hilarious. I'm sure the writers had been reading the Lost forums for that dialogue!

Even though Locke is twice my age, he sure did look handsome in the last scene. Can't wait to see Ben's reaction.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Hmm, your post got me thinking ... what if Faraday is living with his mom (Ellie?) and The Others? Then she'd totally know how to send them back in the future ...

S. Krishna said...

I liked this ep, but I'm nervous about next week - Penny, eek!!!!

Kacie said...

I loved this episode, and I have some questions after it. WHY will Ben forget?

I personally don't like Jack (but then, I never have)! I think the producers will keep the current couples together, but play them against each other to keep up the tension. I blogged about it as well!

caite said...

I am fine with all the time travel.

...but I am still sick of Kate and Jack. ;-)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Next Wednesday can't come soon enough for me!

Jena said...

Want to know what happened to the other survivors. Weren't there other who didn't make it out to the boat & were left on the island? And how is Sun going to reunite with Jin?

So disappointed our previews of next week's episode got cut way short--what's with that?

~*Michelle*~ said...

This episode brought on a whirlwind of emotions.
First I was sad, then mad, then laughed, then back sad again, then confused, then laughed....

My head hurt!

Nari said...

Last night's episode was really awesome! I love where they are taking the show. I am really over the Kate story line though. She just can't make up her mind about what/who she wants, and gets pissy when she doesn't get her way.

What I can believe is that the writers of the show have managed to twist the entire series around Ben, when he was such a minor character from the get-go. I like the new Jack. I think its great he's finally standing up to Kate.

Jen said...

Since you feel comfortable with the whole time travel story, do you think you could do a little tutoring session with me because I am completely LOST!!!! I really think that might be why they decided to name the show what they did. I liked that they answered the question about where Aaron has been. That was totally stressing me out. I do like the new Jack and I'm glad he said that to Kate--good for him!! I still love Sawyer and Kate and I loved that he called her Freckles at the end--so cute!

(PS I am signed into my google and it is still saying that my request could not be processed. Please try again. I just wanted to give you the details about the comment issue. I will just go ahead and do name/url for now.)

Alix said...

I loved last nights episode. I love Ben he is such a great character it was interesting to see how he got so attached to the island.

And I love the Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Juliet love square that seems to be swinging back into place :)

I loved the time travel explaining by Hurley and Miles, although I'm still a little confused.

Can't wait for next week.

Lindsey said...

I don't even watch the previews for the next week, lol. I don't wanna KNOW!

Loved this recap, you were great!

I was comfortable with the time travel talk, too - it's just the way I think! At first I was like, "Hurley, why are you asking those STUPID questions?" because Miles made total sense. Then Hurley asked that about Ben and I had to apologize to Hurley. lol

It did always seem like Ben knew the group (Sayid, Kate, Jack, etc) a little TOO well. I'm wondering if maybe he DOES remember them? He's always acted like he knew more than everyone else - but then that's his nature, too. He's freaky.

I totally got a little teary at Kate's experiences - I can't imagine fearing losing my little girl. Whether or not he's actually hers by blood, I know she loves him as her own. I would be afraid the grandmother would take off with him.

I have NO idea what is going to happen with the Kate/Jack/Juliet/Sawyer thing! Sounds like Sawyer is pretty attached to Juliet. I don't even know who I want together, lol. It's interesting to watch though. I'm glad there aren't any cat fights between Kate and Juliet - it seems to me that they're the only ones thinking beyond themselves. Jack is a little whiny for my tastes... I guess I don't like the new Jack either.

Can't WAIT till next Wednesday!

Tara said...

I loved this episode! And of course cannot wait for next week. You know, I really pretty comfortable with the time travel thing too, not sure why, I just go with it. I would like to know where Rose and Bernard are, though.

Jenny Girl said...

Girly, I have so many thoughts its not funny.
I think the Temple changed Ben because that guy(forget name) said Ben would be changed/lose his innocence. That's why Ben doesn't remember.
Kate does keep bouncing back and forth.
I think Swayer, et al may get kicked out of Dharma.
And I think I'm okay with the time travel thing.
Know it's a week late but better late than never :)

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