Friday, April 24, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Finding God in.....

Welcome to Faith 'n Fiction Saturday! If this is your first time participating, please read this post. It will tell you everything you need to know!

Please note: I am attending the Festival of Books in LA this weekend and will not be around to visit you until later this week!

Today's Question
Have you seen those books, Finding God in Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, or one that is on my shelf (oh yes it is) What Can be Found in LOST? These books often take popular stories that are not about God and find the spiritual elements in them.

Well sometimes this happens to me. I'll be watching a movie or reading a book and it has nothing to do with Jesus, but all of the sudden all I can see is Jesus.

Has this happened to you? Have you ever read a book that was NOT a Christian book but been able to see spiritual truth or analogies in it?

Tell us about a book or if you can't think of a book, a movie that has reminded you about God in some way that didn't intentionally set out to do so. Dig might be surprised!

I'll answer later when I'm not falling asleep as I type!! :)

Just pop your permalink below! And I've noticed participation has been down lately...feel free to spread the word about Faith 'n Fiction!


Anonymous said...

Good topic! I'll look forward to your answer. Mine is up at Free Spirit:

RAnn said...

Hi Amy. I'm going to think about your question and hopefully come back and answer it. I just wanted to let you know that the reason I haven't participated in the last couple of weeks has been lack of an answer, not lack of desire.

MizB said...

It's driving me crazy that I cannot remember of the title of a book I wanted to mention in my post -- I haven't yet read it, but my library has a copy. It's something about Star Wars/the Jedi and faith...I think! I can't find anything by searching those terms, though! LOL. I will definitely add it when I figure it out! :P

Interesting question, Amy! ;)

Melissa O. said...

Just wanted to thank you for recommending A Passion Most Pure to me. Julie Lessman sent me a copy of the book and I hope to start it today or tomorrow!

I also have a little something for you on my blog. You can pick it up here.

Linda said...

A book I found God in is "A Single Thread." Forgot the author's name. It's about a woman who is divoreced, had moved to a new area, starts a quilt shop to get to know people and earn a living, ends up with cancer, and the friends she finds during her difficult time came from the quilt shop. My take is that God will use anyone, Christian or not, to meet your needs and draw you closer to Him.

Linda said...

This is Linda on " A Single Thread' comment above.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Flora said...

Ok, this is not a book or a movie, but I just had to put in my two cents and say, "Dr. Who!" There are so many Christian themes in this show which I never thought I'd watch, by the way. But I love every minute of it and think about it for days afterward. I'm only into season 2, so I'm a bit behind, but some overarching Christian themes are loose and allegorical (Dr. as Christ-figure, his companion who is inspired to acts of uncharacteristic greatness, etc) and others are outright. The last one I watched, the good Dr. goes head to head with the devil who he doesn't exactly believe in. Anyway, I love this show!

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