Friday, April 3, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Author Appreciation

Welcome to Faith 'n Fiction Saturday! If this is your first time participating, please read this post. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Today's Challenge
We love to read our books, but sometimes we forget to appreciate the wonderful authors behind them. Authors who write for the Christian marketplace face many challenges with a smaller market and oftentimes the spiritual burden of writing about faith.

So today, I'd like for us to just appreciate our favorite authors. What I'm challenging you to do today is to write a letter of appreciation and encouragement to an author who has written a book that has touched your life or at the very least that you dearly love. Post the letter on your blog. Then, if you are really feeling the love, I suggest you print the letter out and research how to send it via snail mail to your favorite (or beloved) author. If you can't narrow it down to just one author, then I suggest you write more letters and send them in the mail!

My Letter

Dear Julie Lessman,

I guess you really have Michelle Sutton to thank for first turning me on to the idea of your books. I was browsing Shelfari one day and saw her review for A Passion Most Pure. Her endorsement was really strong and I immediately ordered your book. I had just joined the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance as well, and was trying out doing author interviews. In fact, our first interview was only my second author interview.

I was amazed at how quickly you responded to me and with such amazing warmth. I was so excited, because I had just finished your book. I couldn't put it down, I loved every second, and I knew when I finished it that I had just read something really special. I even wrote emails to my family and friends. "I've just read the most amazing Christian fiction book," I told them. "I can't wait for you to read it." As with all books that I love, I bought multiple copies to give away.

So yes, I loved your groundbreaking book, but I also just liked you! It can be so intimidating for a reader to approach the author of a book they love--even on the internet. But you have always been nothing less than down to earth and so very open. And that has probably made me love your books even more. They are born in the heart of a woman who loves God and who shines with authenticity and grace in all her dealings.

And to be all fangirly for a moment, I seriously love reading everything you write! I look forward to the times you blog with the Seekers and loved the guest post you did The Friendly Book Nook. And of course, I love the emails I get from you.

But at the end of the day, I love what you write because it points my heart towards God. Because it helps me to believe in passion that is pure and redeeming and right in the sight of Him to whom we must give account. Because it reminds me that my one pure and holy passion is Him. And I think He is well pleased with you.

Love your devoted fan and friend,

Your Turn!
That was so much fun, I can't wait to see what you guys write!


Julie P. said...

What a beautiful letter to a beautiful author! I am reading A PASSION REDEEMED right now and loving it -- I also loved the first book in The Daughters of Boston series. These books do make you smile!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you've come up with some GREAT ideas in this series, but this one is off the hook cool! Loved your letter - got mine up at Free Spirit now, too :)

Julie Lessman said...

Okay, Amy, I did not expect to get up this morning and start crying. But that's exactly what happened when I read your blog, and words cannot express my gratitude. Pure and simple, your friendship and support is a gift from God and I cherish it -- and you -- more than I can say.

Thank you for making my day ... my week ... and probably my month! :)


Julie Lessman said...

Ooops ... I forgot the most important thing. God bless Michelle Sutton! :)


Edgy Inspirational Author said...

You guys are sweet. This is the very reason I read books and post reviews. To turn people on to amazing Christian fiction and spread the word so more people read it. I started out with just doing reviews, then endorsements, and now I've got an entire magazine devoted to Christian fiction. God is big, eh? Sometimes we forget.

Lindsey said...

What a great idea! I would probably write Beth Moore or Francine Rivers... I'll try to do that later in the week.

Keep up the good work and brilliant ideas! :-)

Janet said...

What a cool idea. I wrote my letter months ago to Tracy Groot. If you haven't read Madman yet, run - don't walk - to your nearest bookstore and buy it or order it. My Brother's Keeper is another great one.

Becky said...

I wanted to let you know that I"m planning on participating...but it probably won't get posted today. But this was a wonderful idea, Amy. And I hope to get to it soon.

I'm reading A Passion Redeemed right now and loving it.


Mimi N said...

Ugh, Amy, you and I need to talk. Our similarities are just too much. :) I just knew when I clicked here your letter would be to Julie. :) I'd just like to ditto everything you said to her. She is just one of the neatest ladies around. Thank you for this topic. I'm going back to bed for a little while and when I get up I'm going to have an authors name ready. ~Mimi

Amee said...

I already had Julie's books on my wish list but now I'm definitely going to get them asap! I know this wasn't a review but your letter was so heartfelt that I can't help but be inspired to read Julie's books. :)

Unknown said...

Hello again to all my F and F friends. It's been a while but I miss reading your responses and submitting my own.

I mentioned two authors I plan to write to and will post links to the actual letters on my blog in the appropriate F and F entry when they are done.

Amy - I am not surprised you wrote to Julie but then GMTA.

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