Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts on American Idol Top 11

No time to do a full recap tonight, but I'm glad they got country music night over with early!

I enjoyed tonight and thought it was better than last week. What did you all think?

Sadly, Danny did lose a few points for singing the cheesiest song of the century "Jesus Take the Wheel"

I liked Adam's "Ring of Fire" more than Simon, but I didn't think it was the most amazing thing ever. I really liked Allison and Kris tonight.

Share your thoughts with me!

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Erika Powell said...

I like Jesus Take The Wheel! and I love Kris and Matt And Allison. I really want Scott to go home but I feel Michael Sarver may be watching from home next week

Darlene said...

You know I really like Adam but I'm still not sure how to take that song. It was definitely very different. lol. He's still a fave of mine though along with Danny.

ANovelMenagerie said...

Liked Anoop. Did not like Ring of Fire, at all. Wasn't thrilled with Lil'. Megan Joy is not my favorite. Danny was just okay.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked Ring of Fire in a weird kind of way. I love Johnny Cash...but it was kind of cool what it did to it. It was strange though. The best moment was the look on the face of Randy Travis when Adam was done singing it to him. Priceless. The look said, "What the heck was that." Fantastic.

Anoop did a good job I thought. I can't say anyone stood out in my mind as being horrible. I never have liked Megan Joy's style. Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful girl, I just don't really like they way she sings.

I think Megan Joy is going home. I've had enough. She would be good with a very particular kind of song...that is it, and you can't be like that and win American Idol.

Trisha said...

Last night was a ton better than last week. I didn't think the song choices were fantastic but certainly better than last week. I thought Danny singing that song was ...ok. I think it fits his personality an story just fine and thats why he chose it. Could he have chosen a better one for him? Sure but I don't have any qualms with the one he chose. I think he will win the whole thing this year. I think at this point we have three divided groups in the contestants. We have the not that greats, the pretty greats and the 2 or 3 that are spectacular.

Lorin said...

Once again, I found myself thinking that Adam is very interesting and talented and that I cannot stand to hear him sing. Same for Megan - I just think her tone is weird and not my taste, even though I recognize that she's talented. I thought Anoop did a great job. In general, I think that the overall quality of singers is pretty good and no one was truly horrid (though I missed the first performance as we were having cable problems).

Anonymous said...

Danny and Adam are still my faves!!! however i hated the song Adam done but i loved His version of it I thought it was awesome and i honestly think i'm gonna like anything Danny does I just love the way he sings. Anoop did really good too i was glad because the last 2 weeks for him was pretty bad but i'm pulling for our N.C. guy too.
Lori Barnes- photoquest

Toni said...

I enjoyed this weeks show... just me at home with my knitting and it was good. Danny's 1/2 half of the song was kind of like talking.. he sort of recovered a bit at the end... I don't think it was his best performance or song choice. :) Can't wait to see this coming week...

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