Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST Recap and Discussion: Namaste

Well after two weeks of waiting, it seems any morsel of LOST will satisfy. However, this episode did seem to be a bit of filler and event bridging...and the promos are making me uncomfortable. SPOILERS BELOW

We open the episode back on the 316 flight with a bit of classic dramatic irony as the co-pilot mentions recognizing Hurley as an Oceanic 815 survivor. "that guy's got nerves of steel, man" he says. Flying over the same South Pacific Ocean. Half a second later? We hit turbulence.

Once the plane crashes, only Lapidus, Sun, and Ben are left on the plane. (of the characters we really care about, that is)

Meanwhile, thirty years earlier, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, and Jin are all together and trying to figure out what to do. We have many more classic LOST moments where no one really answers each other's questions. (Jack (about Locke's death) it doesn't matter, he's gone--what a weird answer!)

In any case, let's discuss the important points:

Conveniently a sub is coming in today! So our new Dharma Losties will have jobs and fit in nicely, except..

Sayid! He's out wandering in the jungle and Jin and Sawyer can think of no way to explain him apart from him being a hostile. He gets shoved in a cell and fed a sandwich without mustard by a very young and creepy Ben (like a dark Harry Potter, ha!). And then there's...

Jack! I read an interview with Matthew Fox where he said Jack would be all wide-eyed and looking for his destiny on the island and admittedly, I did see a bit of that this episode. And how about that Sawyer giving him the job of workman? Ha! At least Jack didn't throw a fit like Ben's dad did. But we can't forget about...

Sun! Sun was wicked cool attacking Ben like that. As we suspected, Sun and the rest are on the smaller island. Caesar is already taking control of the new little band of LOST travelers, giving Sun and Lapidus the chance to sneak off, attack Ben and meet up with...

Christian! He's like everywhere. He informs Sun and Lapidus that they have a bit of a journey ahead of them. And what's up with Sun wondering "what friends?" And finally...

Ethan! As a baby! Ethan is a bit younger than I originally thought, but ah well, most everyone had guessed it was him.

Let's discuss the not so cool things:

Quadrangle of Doom
Good grief can't we just have a happy Sawyer and Juliet? I do actually understand that Sawyer might have some lingering feelings for Kate, but let's get real. They knew each for 100 something days while he's been with Juliet for three years. If Juliet gets all possessive..I'm not up for that either.

Sawyer and Jack and their, uh, male competition.

Anyway the promos?

Looks like Kate came back for Sawyer? Sayid shoots someone? (could it be who he met tonight?) The LOSTies all fighting? (by the way, where's Faraday?) Let's hope it all makes some sort of sense.

There are rumors of a major character death to come this season. Dear PTB, please don't let be this man:

What did you think? Tell me your thoughts on the episode below...for me? It was a 4/5.



Lenore Appelhans said...

It did seem like filler. And yeah, we all knew that baby was Ethan. Looks like Faraday either bites it or time travels his way out of there since Sawyer mentioned he's not around anymore.

Kacie said...

Found you through Alan's blog - loved your thoughts. I think young Ben is going to find out all of the Losties stories - I wrote about it on my "Mixed Media" blog.

And... I just subscribed. :)

S. Krishna said...

I am SO afraid the character death is going to be Sayid. He and Hurley are the only ones who don't have a "bigger story" on the Island, although Hurley could see the cabin so maybe it's just Sayid? (sob, sob)

Beth F said...

I didn't read your post or any of the comments. We'll be starting season 2 in a week or so.

Chrisbookarama said...

Yeah, very filling like oatmeal.

I have a theory about Sun. I think she's in the present and will have to get the rest back because she has the most incentive to do it. She has to get Jin back.

I still want to know where Rose, Bernard & the dog are. I think Faraday is in the jungle being crazy.

Young Ben is super creepy.

Please don't let Sayid die!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hah, I gotta tell ya, I love the quadrangle of doom. It's been coming for a good season and a half or so, and now it's finally here.

Plus, I am SO not okay with Sawyer and Juliet. Last episode I yelled at the screen and told Sawyer he was most certainly NOT over Kate. I thought it was take a season to get to the point where he realized that, but no, it only took one episode. I'm thrilled.

I mean really - Kate and Sawyer are cons. They understand each other. They are real softies underneath, but they love to banter. Jack - he just can't seem to be emotionally vulnerable, and neither is Juliette... so they just work.

Can you tell who I like better? Sawyer, from the first season on!

Shauna said...

I totally disagree that it was just filler.

cool mum said...

I can't figure this out...what is it about 1977 Sawyer that makes him look so much better??? More mature? Maybe his accent has faded?

And Sayid's eyes look so sad while he's being pushed around and locked better not be him who dies.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

"like a dark Harry Potter" - that's a good one!

And yes, Sayid is NOT ALLOWED to die ... unless of course they keep doing flashbacks full of him after he's dead - that, I could handle.

Jen said...

Maybe Kate came back because of something to do with Aaron and not Sawyer. That seems like a more sensible motivation. I'm sorry, but I really don't think Sawyer and Juliette are going to end up together. I think you should prepare yourself now. ;)

Overall, I wasn't crazy about the episode, but I liked it.

kisatrtle said...

I forgot everything I was going to say. I can't stop looking at that picture of Sayid...LOL

Unknown said...

I'm rooting for Juliet and Sawyer. Kate's already had her chance with both Sawyer and Jack, and can't keep flip-flopping.

I received something via email today with a pic of Sun with some mystery woman in the shadows. Rumors are that it could be a production person or possibly a cast member.

Lindsey said...

Well one thing, I would have put the baby down immediately after hearing it was Ethan, too. LOL As much as I love babies... it's just weird to think he's gonna grow up and be that man.

And how convenient that Sawyer and Kate are now next door to each other. *sigh* Drama drama. lol

You're right, it was nice to get an episode, I didn't even think about rating it! :-) I think 4/5 is good.

Lindsey said...

Am I the only one who wouldn't care if Sayid was the one who died? lol I mean, come on! The dude fell in love with the blondie sister...

Amy said...

Lindsey!!! Sayid is my favorite character (well it's a toss up between him and Desmond) and I live in constant terror of his death, though I did sort of dislike the Shannon/Sayid relationship because it weakened (in my opinion) the Sayid/Nadia relationship.

yeah seeing all the creepy people as children is indeed very interesting!

Lenore...maybe Faraday is the death? I don't think of him as major, though I guess he is a series regular.

Kacie..thanks for stopping by! I have no idea who Alan is, but I'm glad you found me and thanks for subscribing!

Swapna...I don't think they'll ever kill off Hurley. Sayid does seem very disconnected. But I will be very sad if they kill him off.

Beth...yay! Season 2 is so much fun!

Chris...I think we'd all like to know what happened to Vincent!!

Kacie..I loved Sawyer and Juliet, but partly b/c it as just so nice to see them happy. And I kind of don't really like Kate.

Shauna...but tell me what you thought!! :)

Cool mum...clean shaven!!! And yes more mature.

Heather..yeah, I would be sad if they kill him off and that's it. Like Mr. Eko all over again.

Jen...that would make more sense. Kate drives me crazy. I still think Jack/Kate might be endgame though. But what do I know?

kisatrtle...yeah...I know. :)

Christy Janes...interesting. Also you won a book here awhile back...I need to email you!

Petunia said...

I think Sawyer looks different because his hair is clean. :) I don't care if it is Sayid that is killed off. And, I have to say it, Dr. Jack in those 70's clothes? HOT!!

Jenny Girl said...

No! Please don't kill Sayid! I though one death was going to be a not so major person, so I would vote for Lapidus. I like him and don't want to see him go, but c'est la vie.
I would not be upset if Hurley died. Sorry :(

Quad of it!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the show tonight... Honestly this whole darhma thing is going to take some getting used to for me, but I'm sure once i do, the whole show will take another turn! Gotta love Lost writers...

I'm intrigued as to how sun is going to get where Jin is..

Also, personally I think sawyer and Kate fit better and juliette and jack, but i agree with you that sawyer has spent 3 years with juliette, and I think kate is just "lost" and can't make up her mind.

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