Thursday, March 12, 2009

By the Chapter: Day 4 Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter

I'm participating in By the Chapter on Jane Porter's Mrs. Perfect this week, with Marcia from the Printed Page.

I have only been able to read a few more chapters since I last hosted, which was enough time for Taylor to hit even more of a rock bottom...but also start to take things into her own hands.

I have to say, I really like the way the book club pick mirrored what was going on in so many people's lives. But it was really sad for me to read how these women had a hard time sharing their struggles with each other. What is the point of friendship if you can't talk about your hardships? I'm not saying it's easy...I think it is in fact very hard to share in the areas where we've failed. We as women and humans are so afraid to be less than perfect, which is of course the theme of this book! I know that sometimes we get to caught up in comparing ourselves to others, but I do think that I actually admire the people who are willing to be vulnerable about what is going on in their lives.

Do you have a hard time sharing about your weaknesses or hardships with others?

I also like that Taylor is swallowing her pride a bit for the sake of her family and finally getting wise to just how bad things are. I think is important character development, and will give her more a sense of self and self-confidence than all her previous striving did.

Your thoughts?



Julie P. said...

I like that Taylor's character is becoming less focused on herself. I know that sounds weird because she was perceived as doing everything for her family, but I think her motivations were really to make herself feel worthy. As she realizes what's important in her life, she sees the bigger picture and will definitely feel better about herself.

I think Taylor has been hiding her past because of her embarrassment. That it makes it hard for her to show any sign of weakness to others. While I'm not one for trash-talking about your husband to friends, Taylor does feel better when she talks about some of her issues with friends. I think it's all in how you present it.

Anonymous said...

I read this book last year and really enjoyed it. Although the first book in the series, Odd Mom Out, spoke to me a little more, I still thought this was well done. I particularly liked the metamorphosis she went through in the course of the book-- kind of like seeing her go from being the woman she was to the woman she could be.

Hi Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Taylor does start to go through an interesting and important transition but I'm not sure she ever quite gets there. But then maybe I'm being too hard on her. I imagine in her status conscience group that sharing would be quite difficult. Just wait and you'll find out what I mean.

After finishing it yesterday this and 'Odd Mom Out' are my two favorite Jane Porter books.

bermudaonion said...

Sometimes I think I talk about my weaknesses and hardships too much. You, Marcia and Julie have got me wanting to read this book.

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