Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

I might be crazy, but I'm going to blog about American Idol as I watch...at least this week, anyway. Beware...some stream of consciousness may follow...

Guess what? The stakes are higher than ever! 13 in the final...but only one can be the American Idol.

Do they always introduce the judges like this? Simon announces two will be going home. Big surprise. Well at least one lucky soul got to feel like something special for an extra week.

Oh my gosh! The music of Michael Jackson! They're all doomed! Video montage of how wonderful MJ is follows.

Lil Rounds
Growing up in Memphis? Music and barbeque baby! Life has been tough for this young family. But they sure do have cute kids. "The day you let go of your dreams is the day you let go of your life" says Lil.
Oh dear. Not my favorite outfit. I don't know this song, but I don't really know much Michael Jackson apart from the usual suspects. I guess she's okay, but I got distracted by a post on Tess Gerritsen's blog (go read it...I just love her and her honesty) Randy thinks she was great. Kara says she hopes we get to hear her on the radio. Paula compliments what she's wearing, and says she's a force to be reckoned with. Simon thought it was good, but lazy. Oh yes, Simon agrees with me about the clothes!!! (I enjoy when Simon agrees with me, but think he's clueless when he doesn't ;)

Scott MacIntyre
Almost completely blind from birth, Scott has always had an affinity for music. His sister is also visually impaired.
"Keep the Faith"
Scott plays the piano and sings this nice song which surprisingly I've never heard. It's all well and good but fairly average. He just learned the song this week. That's cool! I agree with Kara that is has a nice hopeful message (the song) She loves that he's true to himself. Paula says it's magical to see his instrument at his fingertips. The composer of the song is here...she loved it. (according to Paula) Simon hates the song. Simon says art is fine just not on this show. Randy liked it, but felt it was safe.

Danny Gokey
Nice little video about the family.
Guess what? I've never heard this song! But I like it. I like Danny's voice and he sings an upbeat song with energy even if it's totally corny.
Paula says you know an artist when you can close their eyes and know who they are. Choked up, she predicts he'll make it to the finalists. Simon says he's a great vocalist, but not such a great dancer. Randy says he's got it and he even liked the dancing. Kara says..."you have joy!"

Michael Sarver
Everyone's delighted to see him back home. He had a tough life and wants to be a good dad. Awww.
"You are Not Alone"
This is not really doing anything for me.
The judges seem to disagree with me, they like him. "You bring your game." Kara says. Paula compliments his personality and song choice.

Jasmine Murray
Now we go home with Jasmine to Mississippi. She has a very nice looking supportive family. They think she rocks. They think each other rock.
"I'll Be There"
OMG!!!! I know this song. From Mariah Carey, I think, though, not MJ.
OUCH. This is not going well.
Randy brings up he recorded this with Mariah. He thinks she did a good job. (we disagree) Oh well, "it wasn't that bad." isn't exactly the best praise. Kara suggests she should have taken it a half key down and compliments her stage presence. Paula says she was under at times, but had brilliant moments as well. Simon says she made a good attempt, called her a little robotic. "Act your age," he says.

Kris Allen
Kris and his wife decided this would be a great way to start off their marriage! He's hoping to get rich off of Idol so they can live comfortably. To be fair, they are adorable.
He's playing the guitar and singing a song I don't know. It's all pretty average to me. Actually, it might be slightly less than average.
Kara points out he helps the other contestants, and wants to give him props. Paula says he helped them b/c he knows Michael's catalog so well. They all get distracted by the Paula/Simon shenanigans. Simon says it was interesting....unsure the song suited the guitar. Simon thinks he shouldn't have brought the wife. Randy liked it.

Allison Iraheta
Her family gave her tremendous support.
Hey, I know this song! Is she our token rocker this year? I haven't been paying close attention in the earlier weeks admittedly. This is pretty decent. By that, I mean that I like it better than a few of the others. I don't know if I'd like to listen to her every week, though. She is pretty cute, though.
Paula says she's a rock star. She compliments her hair. Simon says it's glad she knows who she is but should lighten up. (I think he's just looking for something to say) Randy says she's got it!

Anoop Desai
We go to Chapel Hill and learn that Anoop was spoiled as an only child and his parents tried to instill some Indian values in him. They seem charming.
"Beat It"
Oh yes, I know this one. Brings back some memories of these little boys I used to baby-sit for....they were always soooo serious, but they'd put this tape in and dance around and get into it. So cute!
Yeah, I'm not blown away, although it's not terrible either. (His parents are so cute!) Paula didn't like the song choice. Simon says he looked a bit stupid. Randy agreed it wasn't good. Kara gives a bit of constructive criticism. Anoop is looking forward to coming back. Simon regrets making it a top 13. Wow. Pretty harsh, don't you think?

Jorge Nunez
Jorge has a nice big Puerto Rican family. His appearance on American Idol is unifying his family. Pretty dang sweet. (even though we are a small island..our heart is big....LOVE IT)
Yeah, but Jorge as a performer is not necessarily my style. Come to think of it, neither are his vocals.
Randy loves Jorge but thinks it was all a bit old fashioned. Kara thought it lacked emotional connection. Paula asks why he chose it. Simon gets to the heart of things....corny and old fashioned!

Megan Corkery
Megan has always wanted to do this. She wants to be a star. She got a divorce which was tough but she's got an adorable little boy!!!
Megan's got a little growling thing going on. Yeah, okay, I'm just ready for this to be over. She just doesn't sound good to me. Oh dear, she does some really weird little bird noise at the end.
Kara says..."that was really Megan" Paula loves that she's quirky and unique. Paula felt disconnected. Simon says it was a stupid song choice. Randy agrees. They ask Gordon Ramsey what he thought and we can't hear it. Simon says he doesn't know what he's talking about!

Adam Lambert
A nice little video....I like it.
One of the more interesting performances tonight, at least. Actually, really pretty good if not totally my style.
Paula says, "wow!" Paula says he is comfortable and seasoned. Simon thought it was in a totally different league. Randy adds, "since day one you were the most current" Kara says he hit notes she didn't even know existed! He seems to be a fan favorite.

Matt Giraud
Matt is playing the piano and singing and I can barely hear him. He sounds okay, I guess. I think I might fall asleep, though.
Randy says it was a bit pitchy, but good. Kara says he's talented. Paula throws out a bunch of positive words. Simon says it was very good. (we're short on time!)

Alexis Grace
She has pink tinged hair. She's always loved music. She works hard at being a mom.
I've just come to the realization that I don't really like any of the girls! This girl is okay, I guess, but no one really stands out. That first girl might have been the best. Kara liked it. Paula thought it was good, but cautions her on her oversinging. Randy thought it was good. Simon says not as good as you thought.

Okay, here are my overall feelings. I'm probably in the minority, but I like Danny best. I just really like his voice. After him, I enjoyed Adam, Lil, and Allison. No one else has really made a big impression on me, and I think that 13 is too many. Next week's recap will be much easier to write!

How about you? Who did you like? Who would you like to send home?



ANovelMenagerie said...

LAH LAH LAH (that's me not reading your post). I DVR'd it and will watch it in just a few. I love this show! I am so glad that you're into it, too!


Unknown said...

I have AI on TiVo because I can't stand the commercials. I only watched half of it so far therefore read your opinion only up to Michael Sarver. I have to agree with you, I was not crazy about the song at all. But I still hopes he does well on AI.

Jen said...

My favorites were Danny and Kris. I still have hope for Anoop but haven't really loved his last couple of performances. While I admit that Adam is talented, I do not like the way he sticks his tongue out like the band KISS. Put that thing back in your mouth!

Unknown said...

I didn't catch every performance, but Danny was my favorite of the night. I was the least impressed with Anoop and Jasmine...I cringed the whole way through her song.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I like your assessment, and pretty much agree. It seems to me that MJ is a cultural icon from a bygone era, and now mostly a laughingstock and tabloid fodder. Strange song catalog to select for the very first week of AI finals.

There are a lot of talented people this year, but almost none of these performances really "connected" with me, to use one of the judges' favorite words. Your top four would also be mine, when it's all said and done -- Danny, Adam, Lil, and Allison. The rest were anywhere from unremarkable to downright bad.

Florinda said...

I haven't watched yet, but that hasn't stopped me from reading recaps this morning. Sorry that the consensus is that Anoop had a rough night - I like him, and he's very popular with my stepdaughter and her friends. My husband picked Danny to win it all weeks ago, and Danny would have to stumble royally and repeatedly to change that opinion - I don't get the impression that he did.

As a former Memphis gal myself, I am pulling for both Lil and Alexis to stick around for awhile. And it may cause some controversy around my house, but I'm liking Adam more and more.

Double elimination this week? There has to be one at some point, but this seems awfully soon. They've changed a lot about AI this year - and some of the changes aren't very popular, but they do have people talking about the show, at least.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. None of the girls really stand out for me, either. They're not terrible but they're just not all that exciting either. Danny's been one of my favorites since early on and Adam's definitely been growing on me, too.

Anonymous said...

I thought Michael Jackson songs was a crummy genre to choose from. Like you, I think I had only heard about 3 or 4 of the songs before.

I'm not horribly fond of any of the girls this year either. Danny is my favorite this year...even though I don't usually have a favorite at this point. I think it will be 2 girls that get eliminated.

Oh yeah! What about Simon's comment at the end about how they were going to be making a surprise change to the program. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Lorin said...

Oh, gosh- I'm in the minority here. I am a *huge* MJ fan and knew all but one of the songs from last night. (Scott's was the only one I didn't know - I had heard it before, but didn't know it was MJ's.) I was loving it. PYT (Danny's song) is one of my favorite songs and I thought he did a great job.

Adam... I don't know what to make of him. I think he's talented, I just don't get it. Maybe I'm too old?!

Darlene said...

My faves are Adam and Danny. Past that I don't care who goes home, oh wait I want Scott to stay too. Apparantely they are going to be doing some different today. I wonder what it's going to be.

I wish too they hadn't chosen to do Michael Jackson songs and if they're going to do them I wish they'd pick ones I know at least.

Anonymous said...

O K Amy i can see i'll be on hear quite a bit, I have never missed a episode since day 1 of the first season ever. This is my one show i watch. My favorite have been Danny and Adam I love Danny's voice and which i think this is a great way of helping him deal with his wife being gone. Danny is just awesomly nice to look at plus he is super talented I was surprised any of them were able to sing M.J. Anoop is actually from our area and maybe it was just song choice but i was not crazy about his performance. Alexis is a tiny girl with a big voiced packed inside i think she done better than what they gave her credit for. Summary of who i think the top 2 will be i have to go with Danny and Adam, I would love to hear Adam sing a Guns and Roses song with that voice of his and Danny any kind of soulfull songs will work with his beautiful voice.
Lori Barnes-photoquest

Amy said...

Sheri...you're too funny! You really should start watching LOST though. ;)

Lilly...well looks like he's safe! I hate commercials, too.

Christy..me too! I'm glad you like Danny, too!

Chaotic Hammer...glad we're in agreement!

Florinda...it's nice that you're not worried about spoilers. :) Double elimination makes recapping next week an easier idea!

Jen...you always make me laugh!

Megan..I was kind of hoping 2 girls would go home, ha.

Jenn...what did you think about the new rule?

Lorin...no shame there! Glad you liked Danny!

Dar...I agree...I hope next week's theme is better.

Lori..yay! Another male finale works for me. ;)

Suey said...

A little late to the discussion, but...

I too was surprised how many unfamiliar MJ songs these guys sang. I guess they figured that if they did the popular ones, they'd get blasted. Kinda of a catch-22 thing I think.

My favorites: Danny and Scott. I noticed Kris for the first time yesterady though, and he will be moving up a little further on my list. Adam... he's fun and interesting, but I don't see me ever buying his CD. I would love to see what he can do with a calm, slow ballad of sorts.

Elizabeth said...

hee hee - I don't think you'll be in the minority liking Danny best. Every time my husband has seen Adam this season he says, "Why can't he just stand still and sing? I can't tell if he's good or not because all his choreography is too distracting." *grin* I haven't watched a season from the beginning like this since the infamous Constantine/Bo Bice season, so we'll see how long I manage to stick with it.

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