Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday: Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander

(This post is part of Waiting on Wednesday where we talk about the books we can't wait to get our hands on!)

Yesterday's Tuesday Thingers question was about the genre you review. I just love books! This week I finished From a Distance by Tamera Alexander. I guess you would classify this book as Christian historical fiction romance but man did I ever love it. Fresh setting, sharply drawn and very likeable characters, fabulous romantic tension, great prose....I was so excited to find a new author in a comfort read genre. The best part is she has a backlist of four books for me to read along with a new book coming out soon. Here's some information about the book:

About the Book: Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Languages, Dr. Molly Whitcomb travels west to start over in the secluded mountain town of Timber Ridge, Colorado, where she'll be teaching children. Her train stops in Denver, and on a whim, Molly purchases a wedding band--an attempt to cover a mistake, but also a chance at a fresh start.

Sheriff James McPherson was eager to hire a schoolteacher, but Dr. Molly Whitcomb isn't what he expected. His instincts about people--which rarely miss the mark--tell him she's hiding something. And when Molly's secret is revealed, her reinvented life begins to unravel. What's more, she risks losing her newfound relationship with the sheriff and her renewed faith in God.

Does this sound good to you? Do you like romances? What are you waiting for this week? Share with the world at Breaking the Spine.



Janet said...

I think I have a defective X-gene. I just don't get into romances. I don't mind a little romance in a larger setting, but I really need stakes that go beyond whether Annie and Bob get together.

Jane Austen I can read because of the wit and the social criticism. There are probably equally well-written contemporary romances out there, but I don't have the time and courage to go digging for them.

Jenny Girl said...

I'm not really in to Christian fiction, but you make a very compelling case.

Amy said...

Janet...From a Distance had many other story threads, but the romance was a part of it!

JennyGirl..if you ever give any of it a try, I'll be interested to know what you think!

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