Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Week in Links

Much of the awesome stuff to be found round the blogosphere and web:

Faith and Justice
Brant, as the awesomely bold leader, interviews Mike Bishop about his new book What is Church? I would love to read this, as I envy what they have going on in Florida. (I loved the question...speaking of the Bible: ever read it?)

Becky tackles the question of poverty tourism at the Compassion blog. My personal take? No way.

Can you apply Lincoln's logic on slavery to abortion? (HT: Amy's humble Musings) The abortion issue, no matter where you fall, remains incredibly complex and difficult.

Stephen writes about it taking a community to know God, and Brody hopes the cycle of princesses turning into nasty queens will be broken and we'll get a good queen one day. Meanwhile, Tamera gives us a visual of what longing for God looks like. (it's too cute!)

I love Christy Nockels formerly of Watermark. She has a new cd releasing this June and you can download a free song here. To be honest, it's no "Pure Glory", "Peace", or "Friend for Life", but it's a nice tune. I look forward to seeing what the new CD will be like.

Did you know that the transition to digital television will be delayed? What a mess! I found this article to be informative and it made me sad to be honest.

Trish shared some interesting kids books...and yes I've read some of those! Meanwhile Wendi reviewed a Cole's Family Christmas. I'd like to read that book, they had some cute stuff going on at BEA last year. Shelly reviewed Little Skink's Tail...which will be reviewed on the Friendly Book Nook soon! Marta reviewed 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life on audio and Kathy reviewed Little Pink House which she has said is a story everyone should hear! She's also giving a few copies on audio so be sure to check that out!

Meanwhile I really enjoyed this analysis of the Edward/Bella relationship from litlove at Tales from the Reading Room. And I was captivated by this review of the flawed masterwork of Doctor Zhivago at Dwell in Possibility. I've never wanted to read it before, but that review sort of made me want to!

Rel opened a discussion about the recent changes to Alice J. Wisler's forthcoming book's cover and synopsis..and from the comments it looks like they might have made a mistake!


Ever wondered how to make a button for your blog? Beth gives you the answers here!

That's all I've got for you this time!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. Becky's post on poverty tourism was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was trying to leave a comment on the reading challenge. I just found it in the wee hours this morning. Is it closed?

darbyscloset said...

Have you thought about striking up a relationship with "Mike" from "Kamp Krusty"???
I hear harps playing...

Deborah said...

i saw Christy Nockels sing when I went to passion regionals in DC last year, she was with Chris Tomlin's band. I love her version of Hosanna

Anonymous said...

I've read some of these articles, but I'm going now to check out others ...

Oh, and if *Little Pink Houses* got your attention, Kathy has a giveaway going on now at Bermudaonion's Weblog :)

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