Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LOST Discussion: This Place is Death

Okay, wow! For those of you who thought last week's episode was slow, this week more than made up for it! Possibly my favorite episode of the season so far!

And so many great moments! So many great reveals! Even some answered questions!!!


How cute is Ji Yeon? We have all these Lostie babies now, it's just killing me. Sun seemed just a bit too eager to go find Jin, though. Did she already forget about her precious little one? And how funny was Ben getting all fed up with Jack and Sun? It would be nice if he would explain things instead of speaking in abstractions for once, though, huh? Is he really that surprised they all want to off him?

Jin didn't seem too freaked out about Rousseau..just sort of taking the time travel in stride. And Smokey came back, totally freaking me out. It appears that Smokey can sever limbs. And really does look like a monster. What really happened to Rousseau's crew? Possession? They survived going down in the hole...remember when Locke wanted to go? Jin saved Rousseau from their fate, or did he? Did he create her fate of loneliness on the island for so many years? And of course, we finally saw the temple and learned that Smokey guards it. You know, when Nadine first disappeared, I thought she had been kidnapped by the Others. ;) How cute was Sawyer's and Jin's reunion, though? ;)

The flashes started to come really quickly and even Sawyer was suffering from a nose bleed. Poor least she gave us a major freaky reveal! She was a Dharma kid, and lied to her whole life about the island. And she met Daniel in that past life! And he tried to change her fate. Hmmmm...

Well, of course, we need to chat about one Mr. John Locke. We learned that Jacob (via Christian Shepherd) told us that Locke needed to move the island...and he didn't. He disobeyed. And somehow, that threw them all into some sort of strange flashing through time. The wheel of time came unhinged and sent them spinning through the time zones. But when Locke moved...well did he fix them in time? Like, uh, maybe back in the Dharma days? (going on the season opener and Charlotte's revelation) Why does everyone need to go back? This still doesn't make sense to me.

Will Sun go back? Or is it only going to be Jack? Are they going to make me go endless episodes without seeing Sayid? Does Desmond need to go back or is his story reaching a conclusion? Who were Charlotte's parents? Is that significant? Did anyone else watch the preview 14,000 times? Tell me all your thoughts!



Wrighty said...

I was really looking forward to your post, spoilers and all! I only got to see a little of the episode and I wanted to know what was going on. I really wanted to know about the smoke monster so I'm glad you brought it up. Thanks for the update I always enjoy it. I can't wait to see what everyone has to say!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Best moment was when Charlotte said there was a man who always scared her telling her that if she came back she would die. "I think that man was you!"

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

My thoughts:

- I’m glad to see Sun’s baby is alive and well … I was getting convinced that she had died. But now I’m wondering how long it’s been she Sun has seen her … could *that* be the reason she only had a baby picture to show Kate last time?!
- Very glad to see Smokey back!
- The Jin & Sawyer reunion was GREAT. I got so excited when I heard Sawyer’s voice, then the look on his face … pricless.
- I really do like Locke. I know many people can’t stand him, but he is one of my favorite characters.
- And like you, I hope we don’t go too long without seeing Sayid and Desmond … that would be a real shame.

Yes, this was a FANTASTIC episode.

Deborah said...

my first thought at the end when ben said "this was all i could round up" was NOOO!! DO NOT SEND DESMOND BACK TO THE ISLAND WITHOUT PENNY!!!

then i saw the preview, and he at least gets to debate it. whew! was afraid he was going to be sent back with force!

loved jin and sawyer's reunion. i love it how the two really have become friends. in the beginning they didn't like each other but seeing as how those two have been through a lot together. also loved how Sawyer just assumes that Miles knew how to "speak Asian" b/c he was Asian.

so my whole theory about Charlotte/Dharma thing. ok she looks to be late 20s-early 30s right? so let's say she's 32. it's 2004 so she was born in 1972. she left island at very young age, let's say around 6. so she left the island in the late 70s. Apparently Dharma is still around by that point. Ben has NOT yet purged Dharma and killed them all. By the time Rousseau gets there Dharma is gone so by 1988, they have been dead. so the purge happened after Charlotte left so early 80s? lol trying to fit a timeline

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

My head is still spinning. I thought at first that the smoke monster was fate---you know making up for the time travel possibly changing things...but then the people came back alive, but freaky...

Jen said...

I thought the same thing about Sun. It was odd that she was totally ready to run off the Island (and possibly orphan her child) to find Jin (who may or may not be alive depending on her trust in psycho Ben).

This season is so good so far though!! I love how everything is coming together.

Chrisbookarama said...

I'm totally thrown by Rousseau's husband. What were they- pod people?- after going down into the hole?

Jin and Sawyer. So great!!

Sawyer holding the rope in the ground was funny: "Dude, you can let go of the rope now."

I felt bad about Charlotte dying. Poor Daniel. I'm starting to really love that little nerd. Why would he try to tell young Charlotte not to come back after telling Sawyer that nothing can be changed?

Not surprised that Christopher is Jacob (hello "Jack" is his kid's name), but why was he Christopher off the island?

I wanted to kick Jack in the pants after the van incident. Not that I love Ben but Jack can be a tool sometimes.

Agreed: More Desmond. Leg bone: Ewwww

This season is sooooo goooood!

Jenny Girl said...

Your post is great! There were so many things I wanted to remember about last night's episode, and you have covered them all. Seriously though, when is someone going to just ask Ben what's up? You are correct...enough with the riddles! Just spit it out.
The reunion of Sawyer and Jin was adorable.

Shauna said...

It's possible that the disembodied Jacob takes the form of Christian at times (as well as Walt, Eko's brother Yemi, and Smokey), but I don't think they're one and the same. Locke asked Christian if he was Jacob, and he said he wasn't but he spoke for him.

Melissa O. said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment on my post and for becoming a follower! Yep, we are in the same boat when it comes to L. J. Smith, I was SO disappointed when she dropped out of the YA world for awhile. Definitely be prepared for the newest book to be different, though. I tried to keep as open a mind as possible. Are you dying for Strange Fate to come out like I am? Still no pub. date yet!

Oh, and BTW I love LOST, too--my husband got me hooked on the DVD's for the first three seasons so I've been watching "live" since season 4. This season has been GREAT!

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