Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LOST Discussion: The Little Prince

Oh, how I love this show. I grinned and laughed and cheered through the whole thing. If you haven't watched it yet, please be aware--SPOILERS!!

Why was this such a great episode? I think in part what I loved is that we got to see a little bit of everyone (except Desmond, who I'm assuming is sailing to LA to bring Penny to her death). We saw progression in both the island storyline and the Oceanic 6 storyline. We saw Sayid beat someone up (always hot), Sawyer display his humor ("thank you Lord!....I take that back!") and his heartbreak, Juliet in her complexity, Jack back in action as the fixer ("I can fix this, Kate, I can fix this") , Ben the master manipulator, Locke with his wisdom ("I needed that pain to get to where I am now"), Sun and her vengeance, Hurley in his prison jumpsuit, Rousseau in her younger pregnant state, and best of all....JIN VERY MUCH ALIVE!!!!!!!!! I was so so happy, though I glimpsed him in the preview a couple of weeks ago. I guess the island isn't through with Jin yet, and hopefully Sun will learn next week that she's been grieving for 3 years for the wrong reason. We also saw Ajira Airways make it on the show.

Now, I'm worried about Miles and Juliet with their nosebleeds and I guess we can assume that the others will soon be affected as well. The Oceanic Six need to hurry on back!

Line with the most truth:
Jack: Ben is on our side.
Sayid: The only side he's on is his own.

This episode gets a 4.75/5....because it was so much fun to watch. I suspect that others will disagree since there wasn't much advancement of the core mythology, but I just loved seeing everyone in their truest form.

There are still questions to ponder and revelations to look forward to...share your thoughts in comments and check out other recaps and share you own at the LOST Books Challenge Blog.



Deborah said...

hehehehe now you know why i was so geeked last night! TBH the episode was rather slow until the last 15 min. i'd rather see what happens on the island than with the oceanic 6. love the boat scene with sawyer's shouts! who do you think was shooting at them???

Lenore Appelhans said...

YAY for Jin being alive and pregnant Rousseau!

Chrisbookarama said...

No, I thought it was a great episode!

I knew it! I knew Jin was alive. People tried to tell me he was dead but I never believed it. YAY!

Who were the people in the canoes? And where are Rose and Bernard?

Anonymous said...

you sum it up so well!

One other thing we were pondering is if Desmond and Penny's son is named after Charlie who died to save him. hmmmm.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

ok, ok, so I guess it was better than I originally thought. And you're right, Sawyer's line was CLASSIC - I was laughing out loud, and kiddo (supposedly in bed asleep) wanted to know what was so funny. :)

Cainan & Ryker said...

I think Sawyer will be safe from the nosebleeds because Kate is his constant. I also think Daniel will be safe, since he is the only one who isn't confused by what's going on. Haven't you ever used the term "my brain is fried" (maybe even in reference to this show)? I think this must be the true results of frying brains. Now we know what to look out for.

Linked my post over at LBC.

S. Krishna said...

I enjoyed this episode as well. Such a complicated show!

Serena said...

I love that line!

Nise' said...

I was glad to see Jin alive as well, but wondered if Rousseau and her group found him, just how long has he been on that board? Sawyer's lines were great and we saw just how much he loves Kate when he saw her in the woods.

Amy said...

Deborah...slow?? I just love seeing my Losties. The thing about the island is there are only a couple of our original gang on it. (too much time on the mainland makes me miss the island, though)


Chris...I hope Rose and Bernard are still alive. Who were the people in the canoes is a very good question!!

Kristin...Thanks! I think so about baby Charlie! :)

Heather...I love the characters best, I guess. So as long as I get to see them, I'm happy.

Crystal...that is funny! kidding. I watched the video podcast and Daniel Dae Kim said days...he also said that Jin meeting Rousseau at this time is going to end up being an important part of the mythology!

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching LOST at and I think I made a new connection. I think Miles was the baby from the beginning of the premiere. You know, the one with the guy from the Dharma videos?

And look what else I found out from Wikipedia:
In Indian languages [Dharma] contextually implies one's religion. Throughout Indian philosophy, Dharma is presented as a central concept that is used in order to explain the "higher truth" or ultimate reality of the universe.

Did you know that or am I the last one to find out?

Tracy(bookroomreviews) said...

Perfect summary, loves it:)

Jenny Girl said...

Excellent summary!

The Rush Blog said...

You seemed to have forgotten that this episode revealed Kate as the instigator of the lie surrounding Aaron's parentage. Why did you ignore it?

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