Friday, January 9, 2009

What is Faith 'n Fiction Saturday?

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday is a weekly meme for Christians to get together and talk about fiction published from a Christian worldview. The Christian market has grown by leaps and bounds and there is truly something for everyone.

How do I participate?
Each week, I will ask a question or maybe share a prompt and invite you to write your answers on your blog. (If you don't have a blog you can answer in comments) You will then go back here and enter your answer in the Mr. Linky for that day's post.

How does Mr. Linky work?
First, you need to know the permalink of your post. The permalink will allow other participants to visit your Faith 'n Fiction post directly and not just your general blog.

For example, my blog url is: (this is the one you DON'T want to enter into Mr. Linky)

A permalink looks like this:
(this is the one you want!!!)

If you are unsure of how to find your permalink please visit this article.

Mister Linky has two boxes at the bottom. You will enter your name or your blog name in the first box that says Your Name and your permalink into the second box that says Your URL
Then hit enter!

There's just one more thing. Please provide a permalink to the Faith 'n Fiction post that you are participating in somewhere in your own post. As a courtesy, I convert all Mister Linky links to html so it's a bit like a link exchange!

Be sure to visit everyone else's links as well....that's the fun of it!

I hope you join us and have fun!



Anonymous said...

I will like to participate. The three books I have on my shelves that are important to me is The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan and the Greatest Story Ever Told and The Greatest Book Ever Written by Oursler, I forgot his first name.

ALL of the pictures on my book blog is a button with a link to the challenge or the meme.

Judy/Intergalactic Bookworm

Chele by the Sea said...

I think this is an awesome idea & I'm glad I just discovered this so I can participate! (I see the original date back in January...I apologize I didn't discover your blog more in depth earlier!!) Anyhow, I like to know other Christian readers out there who read both Christian and non-Christian authors. I am a very dedicated Christian, but I do read fiction that would probably offend the average church-goer. There are just some things that you need to learn that aren't written by a Christian author. Anyhow, I will work on participating with you and others regarding faith 'n fiction!! -chele

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