Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Week in Links

In the News
Just in case you missed it, Barack Obama became president this week! I found this opinion piece to be an excellent reminder that we must judge him fairly by the job he does in order for this to be the significant presidency we think it is. And one of the best pro-life videos I've ever seen it...even if you are adamantly pro-choice you have to admit it's good. (HT: Semicolon) Meanwhile, it looks like Hollywood is about to become the most loving generous place on the planet! (for the record, I find this video creepy at the end)

In Television
LOST is back and if broadcast television is to survive, it will have to be like LOST! The LOST Books Challenge blog is up and running and promises to be an awesome place to talk about some of the more important aspects of the show. Meanwhile, Brant wants to save you the time of watching 24 by providing his own recaps.

In Books
Trish does love to stir up a good conversation and this time she raises the question of whether or not book bloggers need to disclose where they got a copy of the book. For the record, about 90% of the books reviewed on this blog were received for review. I generally don't point that out, but I'll write a post on it later to clarify.

S.Krishna, whose sheer ability to read massive amounts of books always amazes me, reviewed two books this week that I feel I absolutely must have now!!! Be sure to check out her review for Conscience Point (I'm finding Unbridled Books to be among the best out there) and Midori by Midnight. Marta reviewed Houston, We Have a Problema which she found to be really good, which is a relief since it's on my TBR pile! Wendi reviewed The Valentine Edition by Robin Shope which she described as both a fun and light read. But also it looks like a book with a positive message! Shelly shared an interview with Tony Peters, who wrote Kids on a Case: The Ten Grand Kidnapping, which sheds some light into various aspects of being an author. Julie, the beloved Booking Mama reviewed the much hyped book Beat the Reaper. She says she doesn't get squeamish when reading, but the scene at the end shocked even I'm still not sure what to think of this book! Melissa reviewed another book on my TBR pile, The Centurion's Wife, which she loved so much she couldn't find anything bad to say about it! Kathy at Bermuda Onion reviewed American Savior, another book on my TBR pile! She highlighted a quote that made her think and I also think you might enjoy reading the comments. (I did!) Beth reviewed Rebel, a book I've never heard of but it does look good. It's the first in the series, which Beth thought showed, but still a good read.

Finally, author Jennifer Weiner wrote about the discrepancy between reviews for memoirs by males and females that share about their messed up lives. An excellent piece and I'm so glad she finds these things and brings them to our attention. Subtle discrimination in thought can truly shape who we are as a people.

That's it for this week. A big huge shout-out to Florinda...I stole her style of doing a linky round-up because she does such a fabulous job!



Meg89 said...

We have a new president?

JK. You're TBR pile sounds huge, if that many people reviewed books in your stack just this week!

Author Tony Peters said...

Thanks for the mention. The interview was a lot of fun.

Tony Peters
Kids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping

Anonymous said...

I agree that Unbridled Books has some great ones out there. I just got their wonderful catalog and requested three that are coming out in April/May. The cover art is simply gorgeous. The books are: The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, by CM Mayo; Last Night in Montreal, by Emily St. John Mandel; and Madewell Brown, by RIck Collignon

S. Krishna said...

Yet another TV blog! I only followed one TV blog before (TV Squad) and now you have me up to 3!

Anonymous said...

*Conscience Point* caught my eye too; I had it on my Friday Finds last week.

I have to catch up on the discussion over at "Hey Lady" about sources for review books ...

thanks for the tips!

Amy said...

Meg--you have no idea!!

Tony--my pleasure.

Wendy--I also requested Last Night in Montreal! I do really love their books and I hope you get to read In Hovering Flight soon. (I keep seeing it on your TBR list!)

Swapna--ha, well at least they're good ones.

Dawn--well who could ignore Swapna's review? :) That conversation over there is quite long now!

Beth F said...

Can't wait to see how this idea is going to shape up.

Florinda said...

Thanks for the shout-out! There's so much good stuff out there that we can't get to it all, which is why I enjoy sharing links every week - addictive, isn't it :-)?

And LOST is definitely back!

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