Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Puzzle Made Me Feel a Bit LOST

I spent my growing up years in Iowa and Missouri where Christmases were cold (sometimes with snow!). As a result, we had a tradition to work on a jigsaw puzzle each holiday. We would leave it out on the table and work on it throughout the holiday weeks. This year, since no extra family members were making the trek to California for the holidays, I suggested to my mom that we do a puzzle. And I had just the one in mind! A few months ago, I found a LOST puzzle in the discount bin at Barnes and Noble and promptly bought it.

Now, where I live? No room to do a puzzle. There are pretty much books everywhere. But there is some room at my parents house. So while my mother was less than enthusiastic, my dad agreed to work on it with me.

Here's the box of the puzzle, you know, the cover where you normally get hints about what the puzzle is supposed to look like:

So, um, yeah. That was just a tiny fragment of the puzzle. And the pieces were really small and sometimes didn't even look like they went together at all! But it was really addicting! I ended up having a hard time tearing myself away. The thing is, this puzzle says that it's one of four. I want to do the others now, except I have no idea when I'll be able to convince another person to do a puzzle with me!

I was glad to do it, though, because I had forgotten how much I enjoy putting together puzzles. So in that way, it was fun. And here's the evidence of the finished thing!

Do you like to work on puzzles? Have you done any of the LOST puzzles?

Happy LOST season 5 premiere day everyone! Winner of yesterday's little giveaway is: Michelle! Michelle please email me your mailing address and I'll get your surprise in the mail. It might make you laugh. ;)


Alyce said...

I love putting together puzzles too. My husband and I used to work on them together when we were newlyweds, but then stopped once we had kids. I don't know if it was a fluke or a gift buying theme, but my kids and my husband and I all ended up getting puzzles as gifts from relatives for Christmas. Once we got started we just had to pull out some of the old puzzles too.

Then my husband went out and bought a NYC puzzle with tiny pieces, most of which are parts of buildings. It's been sitting half-finished on the coffee table for a week.

The Lost puzzle looks like it was a hard but fun challenge. I hope you get a chance to do one of the other Lost puzzles!

Wrighty said...

I love puzzles too! My grandma and great aunt share a home and they always have a puzzle going on their table. When you sit and visit you get to work the puzzle. We've started some new family traditions in the last year and at some of the get togethers puzzles are mandatory. We stayed up until 4:00 a.m. for the last one.

Your Lost puzzle looks very cool and quite complex. Are there any hidden secrets in it? I'm looking forward to the new season. Last year was good and I was very glad because the year before wasn't impressive for me. I was ready to give it up. I liked how they jumped ahead in time for something different. There were a lot of great answers to the question you asked. So many great characters were named but I thought of Mr. Ecko (sp?) too. He had so much more to do! It should be a good show. Fun topics!

KT Grant said...

I am so, so excited for LOST tonight!!
Can't wait to see Sawyer and his naked chest.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done a puzzle in forever, and this definitely makes me want to. I may have to track one down and convince hubby to do it with me (and find a way to keep our dog from knocking pieces off the table and scattering them around the house).

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

Hello! I was all set to write a comment about jigsaw puzzles and how I love to do them but have no time and all those little pieces get everywhere and I have to think of my youngest getting hold of them and sticking them in his mouth when I noticed it was me! that had won the giveaway! I very rarely win things, I'm thrilled!

Darlene said...

Wow, that's quite the puzzle. I love doing puzzles although since I started blogging I haven't done any puzzles. My mom and I too used to set one up on the dining room table and plug away at it. It was fun.

Fyrefly said...

I've actually done that exact puzzle! There's something written on the back in what I think is black-light writing, but I didn't have a blacklight, so I couldn't test it out.

S. Krishna said...

I had no idea there even were LOST puzzles, but this sounds really interesting!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love puzzles. My BF got me into LOST, and I tend to ask him all sorts of questions because he reads the online forums to find out what people think is happening. I gotta show him this now!

caite said...

My mom loved puzzles and I used to do them with her. It has been awhile since I have done one, but I actually bought a lighthouse one this summer. Now I am inspired to do it, though I doubt it will be as challenging as that Lost one!

Anonymous said...

I'm a puzzler, too! Or, I was until LM4 started walking and grabbing pieces off the table (he's the only one of the four kid, the others would leave the puzzle alone, and the older two liked to work them, too).

J doesn't like to do them, but my mother and I used to get one when she came to visit and set it up all week. A nice way to spend some time, talking over a jigsaw puzzle.

My parents live in Florida on the Gulf Coast where there are fossilized sharks' teeth on the beach. I always made the connection between being able to find teeth in the sand and finding a particular puzzle piece you were searching for :) (recognizing a pattern or color, etc.)

Literary Feline said...

My dad is a big jigsaw puzzle hobbyist. He even mounts his puzzles and hangs them on the walls. My parents have so many that they rotate the puzzles depending on the seasons and holidays.

I enjoy doing them, but so rarely do. Having cats doesn't make it easy to leave anything out like that.

Petunia said...

With my first pregnancy, my husband and I spent the 9 months putting together a 2000 piece puzzle. When I got pregnant the second time we bought a new 2000 piece puzzle and did it again. With the 3rd baby we bought a 5000 piece puzzle but we couldn't finish it. In fact, it barely fits on our diningroom table. We are done with the childbearing years but I haven't lost hope that we will get that puzzle done someday.

Amy said...

I should have known the fantastic people who visit this blog like to do puzzles! :)

Alyce...that's so cool that you all got puzzles...really they are good value for money!

Jenny...I don't think I've done any photomosaic puzzles, they do sound hard!

Wrighty...I have special memories of doing puzzles with my grandma, too. I would go to her house in the summers and we'd buy the puzzles at garage sales and despair if there missing pieces! thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed Sawyer! ;)

Rebecca..good luck! I guess having a pet does it make it a bit harder..

Michelle..that made me laugh. I hope you enjoy what you won!!

Kara...good luck! It was hard but fun.

Dar...well blogging does tend to eat away at one's other hobbies, lol.

Fyrefly..for real?!? Awesome! I don't have a blacklight either. Did you do any of the others? must get one!

Monica..very cool that you love puzzles. :)

Caite...take a picture and put it on your blog when you're done! are so poetic! And I agree it's a nice way to chat. Better than always watching movies.

Wendy..I guess cats would complicate things. I didn't think of that!

Petunia...a 5,000 piece puzzle does sound rather challenging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

For Christmas I bought so many puzzles for the kids. We had a fun time putting them together. I'd forgotten how much I like doing them. I need to find some more.

The lost one would have drove me crazy with no real picture.

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