Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Sunday Salon -- Recent book acquisitions, and other thoughts on Life

I'm currently reading Fault Line by Barry Eisler which is my LibraryThing Early Reviewer book. It's a pretty readable book, nothing terribly profound, though there are some patches of really nice writing. It's a thriller with lots of action if that is the kind of book you enjoy. I notice that I get this kind of book a lot from LibraryThing Early Reviewers. Crime fiction or thrillers. I think I need to diversify my library on there more!

I permitted myself the indulgence of going into Borders this week to use the coupon they sent in my email. Truthfully, I don't need any books, but buying books is a comfort to me and I had a semi-stressful week at work.

Usually I think about a book I'd like to buy before going in and this time I was considering The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry. However, I was unable to find it at quick glance, but I did spot some books by Wendell Berry. Because I've heard about Wendell Berry over at the Rabbit Room I grabbed The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry off the shelf and flipped through it. It's been awhile since I settled down with a book of essays, but I read a few lines from the book and knew I had to have it. One nice thing about a book like this is that I can read it in's not necessarily meant to be read page after page, but rather digested in bits. So it will probably be on my nightstand for awhile.

I also bought a copy of Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I'm a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films, but I haven't actually seen this one! I thought I'd do something radical and read the book first.

I have to say that California kills me. We've had really warm weather here that makes me think it's spring. So I haven't been listening to my audiobooks because I'd much rather blast the music and drive around with the windows down. It's so strange to feel like spring so early.....there is something so delightful about spring something I can't quite define but it makes my heart burst with hope. As much as I love fall and adore Christmas, spring is so full of life and promise that it may well trump the other seasons. But the strange thing should be earned. It should be the glorious season that emerges after winter. Experiencing spring in January is throwing me off on so many levels!

LOST premieres this week and I've done my best to avoid spoilers. I really can't wait. I've decided to have a bit of an unofficial LOST week celebration here with a chance for prizes, so if you're a LOST fan...stay tuned!

I don't have many plans for the day, but I hope to read a lot and relax before heading back to work...what will you be doing today?



Lenore Appelhans said...

I am very excited for the return of Lost!!

Anonymous said...

I always think about you out here with us! Are you going to the book fair at UCLA in April? I think that Lisa's getting a group together. Anyway, yes, it's been way too hot!


Alea said...

It looks like we share the same feelings about Borders. I too always go with my coupon and usually with a book or two in mind. :)

Today I'll hopefully be reading (which usually means reading for 15 minutes and being on the computer for 15 minutes :P) and finishing up the movie and a half a have from Netflix. I'm very much a homebody!

Beth Kephart said...

There you have spring in January. Here the streets are nearly empty, and those who are about are wrapped in shrouds and shrouds of layers. There should be a distribution of seasons, a way for you to have your earned spring.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't complain, because we've been relatively warm here, but I could use some spring right about now.

S. Krishna said...

LOST week, yay! I can't WAIT for the premiere!

Michele said...

#1 - it's almost here *jumping up and down*! Feels like we've been waiting forever for this danged premiere!

#2 - coincidentally, I looked for the exact same Barry book at my Borders this week. Same results as you: nada. So once again, I schlepped home and ordered it from Amazon (bad word, I know).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm stoked about Lost as well. This is a great TV week for me, with Big Love and The L Word also returning. Woo!

serendipity_viv said...

I so wish it was warm here! I don't remember England ever being so cold. I can totally relate to you buying books for comfort. I will always buy books to relieve stress, better than chocolate and safer on the hips!

Darlene said...

I am so jealous of you being able to drive around with the windows down. What I wouldn't give to be doing that. lol. Yippeeeeee, I can't wait for Lost. Have a great Sunday Amy.

Staci said...

Well, I would like to trade places with you until it is seriously spring here in Michigan!! The temp is now a balmy 20 degrees and we just shoveled out another foot of snow!!

I like to buy books for comfort too! Sometimes just checking them out of the library isn't enough. I just bought Barack Obama's first book and Spark Notes for Pride and Prejudice.

caite said...

I have resisted using my Borders e-mail coupons for awhile now, what with the looming TBR pile that never seems to get smaller. I need NO more books.

But someone just gave me a Borders gift card for my recently past birthday, so since I will be 'forced' to go there and use

Megan said...

I know what you mean about the comfort of book buying. You know I do. (We will NOT be talking about how many books I acquired this week. *cough* 50 *cough* It WAS my brithday, come on!)

Howl's Moving Castle is an A MAZ ING movie. (Not to mention my boyfriend is in it, who can go wrong with that?) I have started the book a few times and enjoyed it. Can't wait to hear what you think. See the movie the moment you are done. DOOOOOOO IT! I would love to have YOU tell me how the book and movie are similar/different so I don't have to put forth the effort of doing it myself. Okay, me, be quiet now. Maybe cut back on the coffee too... maybe not.

Mari said...

I received Fault Line as well. I should start reading this soon.

Literary Feline said...

I have a coupon for Borders I was considering spending tomorrow. I just need to decide what I would like to get.

The weather we've been having lately is crazy, isn't it? My brother-in-law and husband have been wearing shorts all weekend.

I'll be recording lost to watch next weekend no doubt. I'm excited that the show is back on.

Have a great week, Amy!

Irish said...

I am very jealous of your warm weather...was 7 deg and snowing here today. But it was a nice day to settle on my couch with a blanket to watch the snow fall and read a good book. =)

Susan said...

I can hardly wait for Lost to come back too! Three days to wait......and the book Howl's MOving Castle is great! I read it a few years ago and it's on my pile to be reread in the next month or so. I loved it when I first read it. I haven't seen the movie, though I'm curious about it, I just loved the book so much I didn't want to see any anime about it.
I hope you get lots read this week! that's my plan too. Enjoy your spring sunshine. We have snow again today in Ottawa.....

Robin M said...

That's great you are celebrating the return of lost. Lost - lost me, sometime last year. My technician keeps me up to date though - he loves the show. Isn't our warm weather great - not conducive to getting much work done inside. We all went outside and finally took down the christmas lights and enjoyed the sun shine.


Anonymous said...

omg, I hope you like Howl's Moving Castle! It is truly awesome (the movie's good, too), and DWJ is such a fantastic writer. My favorite, actually! If you DO like HMC and want some more DWJ recs, just let me know and I will give them to youuuuuuu.

- Anastasia

Ana S. said...

I hope you enjoy Howl's Moving Castle! I'm a big Diana Wynne Jones fan and that's one of my favourites.

Amy said... too!

Sheri...It's my plan to go at this point.

Alea...I hope you enjoyed your day!

Beth..I don't mean to complain, I know there are other places that are freezing! :)

Kathy..if it stayed like this I might be okay, but I know it's going to get HOT.

Michele...huh. Maybe they don't carry it. (weird)

Rebecca...yay for good tv!

Scrap Girl..yes books are the best comfort buys!, sorry, I don't mean to rub it in..just wouldn't mind it being a little cooler. ;)

Staci..okay true I don't really want to be shoveling anything! I need to read that Obama book.

Caite...oh poor you...forced to get some books!

Megan..happy birthday! I will hurry up with the book and see the movie. Your boyfriend was in it?

Literary Feline...Yay for LOST! I've been wearing shorts and a tank to bed. C-R-A-Z-Y
hope you get to use your coupon!

Irish..yes I'm jealous of that cozy reading environment!

Susan...LOST yay! And good about Howl's Moving Castle being a reread!

Robin..I don't understand how LOST lost you, but that's okay. :) We can still be friends.


Nymeth...oh good! I'm really looking forward to it.

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