Thursday, January 29, 2009

Review: Christian Writers' Market Guide '09 by Sally Stuart

I'm not 100% sure of how to write a review for this kind of book, but here goes!

If you are at all interested in writing for the Christian market, you NEED this book! And don't think it's only about Christian fiction! There are so many different kinds of opportunities represented here that if it exists, it's in this book!

Also, it will help you learn about submission policies etc. So basically, I got lost just reading everything in the book. All the information you need is there, easy to find. There's also a CD-Rom that I think makes the searching easier, but I haven't tried it out yet.

Now I'm going to give you the information straight from the publisher, rather than plagiarize!

From the Publisher:
Completely updated and revised to feature the latest on…

* more than 1,200 markets for the written word
* 416 book publishers (32 new)
* 654 periodicals (52 new)
* 96 literary agents
* 100 new listings in Resources for Writers
* 226 poetry markets
* 316 photography markets
* 25 African-American markets
* and 166 contests (29 new)

So there you have it! You can buy it on Amazon.


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