Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOST Discussion: "Jughead"

So, um, okay. First things first...Penny and Desmond had a baby boy named Charlie! Very cool if he's named after our beloved Charlie, very strange if he's named after Penny's father. In any case, what an adorable and happy thing to have happen!

In fact, we had two love stories going on in this episode and I just loved every Desmond and Penny moment there was! Daniel and Charlotte seem a little strange together to me.

We spent a lot of time on the island with the British soldiers, one of whom was a young Charles Widmore. Just how old is Charles Widmore, by the way? I thought that was a nice little moment when he claimed a bit of ownership of the island ("Do you think he knows this island better than I do?" Does anyone really know the island?? Yet, they all seem to want it) In any case, Charles Widmore is an Other. The Others speak Latin, by the way.

Furthermore, we learn that Daniel Faraday has done some questionable things, like experiment on the mind of Theresa Spencer and then abandon her. Charles Widmore funded all of Daniel's research and continues to take care of Theresa.

Okay, I admit that I read a few forums before writing this and it seems the general idea is that Ellie (somber faced blond on the island) is Mrs. Hawking who is Faraday's mother. (we all think) Which leads me to Widmore Faraday's father? Is such a thing possible? And I'm really confused about the role time travel is playing. It seems that indeed their travels through time are having an impact on the course of things. For example, Locke telling Richard to go see him? Faraday telling Ellie what to do with the bomb?

I'm also really interested in how Ben and Widmore end up enemies. It seems Widmore was on the island long before Ben (who showed up during the Dharma Initiative days)

So I'm not sure that this episode actually answered any burning questions. It filled in some holes, it placed Charles Widmore on the island in the past, but I still feel like I have no idea what is going on!

Other points:
*Charlotte is quite sick from the time travel. While I'm somewhat concerned for her, I don't feel like her character has been developed enough for me to really care.
*I'm rooting for a Sawyer/Juliet hook-up officially now
*Miles makes me laugh
*I really hope Penny doesn't die!!

Overall, I think this episode is a 4/5. The media really hyped it up and I'm not sure it really lived up to that hype. Share your thoughts below, and find out what everyone else thought at the LOST Books Challenge Blog.



Deborah said...

OMG i never thought about the charlie/charles widmore same name thing. it never dawned on me!

i kept wanting desmond to go back to the boat! as soon as it was revealed that widmore funded her therapy, i was like "leave, leave leave!!" i don't want him and penny to split up, or have someone die.

where are the rest of the beach people? rose, bernard? are they still running around in the woods?

oh and i love the "red shirt" guys that were shown for 1.5 seconds and then got blown up.

caite said...

I studied Latin...and Greek! I want to be a Other!

I too am still pulling for a Sawyer/Juliet relationship.
Of course, I worked last night and Tivo'ed the episode (I hope), so perhaps I should actually watch it before I

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

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Chrisbookarama said...

I thought that things are starting to come together. Locke and Richard. And why Widmore is so obsessed with the island.

Your theory on Daniel makes total sense.

Just how old is Richard, anyway? As much as I'm starting to like the Others, they really are brutal.

I'm routing for Sawyer/Juliet too but I think Kate's going to ruin it all somehow.

Anonymous said...

I liked it! I hadn't thought about the blond being his mother, good possibility...

What I did wonder is if Theresa's mind is still going through different times, her nurse had said she'd talk to her father who was dead, and different things like that. The man at the school had said Daniel was trying to send his rats' minds back in time. Maybe the reason Daniel is jumping back and forth through time, and to the island is because he's trying to find Theresa, and stop her mind from skipping through time?

Anyhow... good show- Always unanswered questions!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I just watched it. Never thought about the possibility that grim blonde chick might be Faraday's mother. Did it seem like he knew that?

Jen said...

Thanks for enlightening me about the baby's name. I thought that they named him after Penny's dad which totally confused me. Naming him after Charlie makes PERFECT sense!! :)

I like Miles too! I hope they use him more.

Favorite part of the episode was when Sawyer looked over at Juliette and asked her if she was ok. So sweet. However, I do NOT want them to get together. EVER.

S. Krishna said...

I totally agree with you on the blond being Faraday's mom! And while I don't want Charlotte to die, I'm not that invested in her character either.

My thoughts:

Darlene said...

Believe it or not I fell asleep after about the first 15 mins an NO I did not have the tape set. I was so upset but I knew I could come here and over to Swapna's today and catch up so thanks for that!

Lynda said...

We can't get Lost on TV now as we've changed our subscription package...I'm eagerly waiting the DVD's while reading all your spoilers - well I just can't wait!!!!!
Oh how I miss Sawyer!
Here's a blog award for you:

Michele said...

Oh good heavens, I saw your post and remembered what day of the week it is. Sheesh. To make matters worse, TIVO did NOT tape it. Argghhhh. Okay, I'm relying on you to keep posting good synopsis' so I know what's going on when technology messes with me!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is a LOST junkie and we're talking about it on Skype right now.

Just a point about Charlotte -- A similar thing happened to Desmond, needing a constant.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting more confused myself. But I liked the episode because of Desmond and Penny.

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