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LOST: Because You Left and The Lie

(Note: If you haven't watched these episodes of LOST yet, read no further! This post does contain spoilers!)

First of all, wow! I did my best to stay spoiler free for this premiere, because I think LOST is better sans spoilers. To understand what I mean, just think about Hurley's recap to his mother of what really happened after the crash. It sounds way too out there to be believable. :)

So I was completely unprepared for the idea that the island didn't just move, but kept moving. But it made for some very important revelations (Alpert telling Locke he'll need to die, Desmond being "miraculously special") and great drama!

Let's talk!
(I'm having a hard time knowing where to start)
The Island: Raise a hand if you love Faraday. I sometimes feel like the only one, but I find his character tremendously interesting. He does get on my nerves at times (like wasting time explaining why explaining about the island would be a waste of time--well met with a slap from Sawyer) but he seems to know the answers to what's happening on the island in a less than sinister way as Ben, Mrs. Hawking (!!!), and that chick in the butcher shop???!!??? Speaking of which, I absolutely loved the way BYL started off, as we headed back into the Dharma Initiative days with some time spent with Dr. Marvin Candle or whatever his name is. Who's the baby in the Candle household? And why is Faraday on the scene at the Orchid?
I also like the dynamic between Sawyer and Juliet. No worries, I'm not shipping yet, but have I ever mentioned Kate drives me crazy? Miles was good for some laughs, but after recently rewatching season 4 I'm up for learning more about him and exactly what his role is in this whole thing. And I'm not feeling good things for Charlotte. Does she have a constant on the island? (oh and I was also really happy to see an alive Rose and Bernard)

Speaking of Kate, she seems to be really good with Aaron. I found the way she had everything ready to go rather laughable, but I am curious about these lawyers who showed up at her door. And lucky for Kate, just a few minutes after she hightails it out of there, Sun calls! Sun seems quick to assess that the lawyers are not interested in exposure, but in taking Aaron away. I would think perhaps blackmail first, but whatever. I have to say I'm not loving the new Sun. Her objective seems to be killing Ben, purely driven by revenge, so I'm interested in seeing how she'll react to the whole going back to the island bit. She also seems to be using Kate to dig up information on Jack...does she also want to kill Jack? While we were led to believe she blamed Jack for Jin's death, (one of two people, the other being her father) she now seems to want to kill Ben. What does this all mean?

Hurley makes me laugh. As does his mother. Driving around with Sayid like that was very funny. At least Sayid got in one good fight before they knocked him out! Speaking of Sayid, what transpired with Ben that he no longer trusts Ben at all? (and please tell me it's more than that German chick) It was strangely kind of good to see Ana Lucia again. While she was not my favorite character (and no one mentioned her on my little discussion question the other day about which dead character you liked best!) it's always nice to see old familiar faces...especially when they're imparting good advice.

I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of these episodes, but I am very much looking forward to next Wednesday. I can't wait to hear what all of you thought...leave your thoughts/theories below please! And don't forget to sign up for the LOST Books Challenge by January 30th for a chance to win the third season on DVD.

(OH MY GOSH!! Just watched the preview again and saw something that.....made me very happy!!!!)



S. Krishna said...

I had to open a separate comment page so I could scroll through your post while I'm commenting!

First of all, AAAHH! I'm so glad LOST is back and it didn't disappoint! I, too, love Faraday. And speaking of Mrs. Hawking - do you think that's Daniel's mother that Desmond is supposed to find? AND her name was Annie - could that be Ben's friend from Dharma days that gave him the doll? But then why is she so old?

I feel the same way about Miles and Charlotte, and I really can't stand Kate! And I don't like the new Sun either! I agree about Sayid as well - if it's just the German chick that made him stop being Ben's assassin, I'll be disappointed - it'll be like "What Kate Did" all over again.

I also think that the dead people Hurley's seeing are good guys - so when Ana Lucia told Hurley not to get caught by the cops, I think she was giving him good advice. So now he's with the cops, one of whom looked an awful lot like Matthew Abbadon, the guy who came and asked Hurley about the Oceanic 6 in the mental hospital. So now he's in police custody. Hmm...

Ok, that's all I can think of for now!

S. Krishna said...

Ok, I'm looking online and no one else said anything about the "Annie" thing - now I'm thinking I misheard it? I'll have to go back and check.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am thrilled that the episodes didn't disappoint. Hubby and I sat there, rapt, occasionally whispering about how awesome it was. Oh yes. What I really want to know is this: if the island is moving in time like a skipping record, does that mean it will continue to return to the same couple points in time, the way a skipping record repeats the same phrase over and over again?

It's so interesting to me that Sun and Sayid both seem to have turned against Ben, and I want to know why. And who will Kate side with? I kind of like the new hard-ass Sun. It gives her character an interesting dimension.

And WTF is up with Richard Alpert?! I need answers, and soon!

S. Krishna said...

Ok, I started a short discussion at my blog as well!

Michele said...

Okay, I'm not reading the post because I ended up Tivo'ing Lost last night and didn't watch it. And I won't get to until I get home on Sunday night....argh!!!! How will I wait that long?? :)

Darlene said...

I had to tape it last night too. I'll be back once I've watched it.

Chrisbookarama said...

Sun has gone all Count of Monte Cristo. She blames Kate too- I know it. She's got an evil plan with Widmore about Aaron, I tells ya.

I love Faraday too. Him and Desmond are very interesting together. Especially telling Desmond that he's special. I love that he's special.

I'm also finding Ageless Richard more interesting this year too. Who are the people Ben cavorts with? Are they displaced islanders?

Marie Cloutier said...

I liked the episode a lot. I agree, bad things are in the post for Charlotte. I like Faraday more every time he's on. And I would LOVE to see Sawyer and Juliette get together. Some great twists and turns. I was surprised Sun didn't offer to protect Kate and Aaron- take them back to Korea, get them set up or something. We'll see I guess. I LOVED the ending and was glad to see Hurley stick it to Ben. I think Sayid is bitter towards Ben due to all the killing he did in Ben's name- Sayid is a complicated character, and is as much as he's an assassin and torturer, I always get the feeling with him that he hates every minute of it, and just wants a normal life. Which we know he can never have!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Oh, so many things to talk about! I am especially looking forward to the Sun/Whidmore storyline. It's the most secretive for sure.

Love it!

my recap:

Cainan & Ryker said...

I don't think the island is moving at all. It's like Faraday said (yes, also love him. Loved him in Saving Private Ryan too. Plays a good dweeb.)the people are moving around in time. That is going to make for a lot of ressurrections, if you know what I mean. Charlie? Please, please, please. And Jin , of course.

Anwyay, all my thoughts are up on my blog at

I'm now heading to your giveaway. The 30th is my birthday and Season 3 of LOST would be a great present. Hint...hint.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

I DVRed it but was too impatient to wait until today to watch it, so I had to sit through all the commercials – ugh. I LOVED it, even though other bloggers are bashing it (I’ve read quite a few posts today).

I like Faraday, and that bit with him at Dharma was really intriguing. But why is he not telling Charlotte about the “constant”?! Not that I like her all that much, but still …

Who is the old lady? I remember her face, but I can’t place who she is – help, anyone?

If you can’t change the past, then why do the Oceanic 6 have to go back? What’s done is done. Unless they are going back to keep WORSE things from happening …

Someone told me about LostDiary ( and I’m waiting not-so-patiently to read the recap on there.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Amy said...

Dream Lovin, we are like LOST kindred spirits. ;) You may be right about Mrs. Hawking being Daniel's mother. It makes sense. She's all kinds of creepy to me though. And excellent point about Hurley seeing "good guys" and I thought that guy looked like Matthew Abbadon, too. I am interested to see where that's going.

Rebecca--Interesting point about the skipping record. I was also wondering how they were going to get anchored in time.

Chris...I was also thinking all the people Ben's cavorting with are diplaced islanders. They must have this one rare chance to go back.

Marie--I would be all for a Sawyer/Juliet hook-up. Juliet is one of the more interesting female characters on the show. You could be right that Sayid is just bitter towards Ben for the way he manipulated him. only stumbling block there is why did the island move to Oceanic 6 as they were leaving?

Heather...the old lady is the woman Desmond tried to buy the engagement ring from. Which blogs do you read? All my standbys loved it. ;)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Here's what I've read:

over at there were a few complaints, but mostly just commentary

the comments on this Lost Diary post were great

semicolon wasn't that impressed, but she has LOTS of links to alternate blog posts

I also got an email from a blogging friend who didn't even make it through the recap post before getting fed up ...

And did you notice the post I put up over at the LOST books challenge blog? What do you think?

caite said...

I Tivo'd it and really have to watch it again...but one thing that just rang out to me was someone (OK, I forget who...bad) saying that Sun believed Jin was killed. So was he? I say no. Just because I want to! lol

And I totally want Juliet and Sawyer together. I am sick of Kate and Jack...they deserve each other.

Jen said...

I've been thinking about the premiere all day today and I still can't wrap my brain around everything that happened. I love Daniel Faraday and am glad to see that he is going to playing such a pivotal role. It really does seem like the writers have a grand plan and things are finally coming together.

Ana Lucia's appearance was a huge shock!

Alix said...

I thought it was a great start and I agree Daniel Faraday is an excellent character. I also love Ben with his buggy eyes his so untrustworthy but brilliant. I wonder how long it will be before someone hits him :)

Think this season is going to be great.

Michele said...

Well I finally got home and was able to watch the premire. Hmmmmm. Not sure that I'm in love with this time-travel thing or not. I think I'd like a couple of answers to some previous brain-teasers before we move on to the next one....although I suppose the time travel could give answers (eventually) to the past questions/loose ends.

Love Faraday, but wouldn't be heartbroken if Charlotte kicked the bucket. She's just irritating.

Speaking of irritating, Jack and Kate are not improving thus far (individually, that is). Thank goodness for Hurley and Sayid! They are my lifelines in this show!

I have such high hopes for this season....this has got to be my favorite series *ever* and I'm hoping they don't twist it all up so much that no one can make heads or tails of it and just give up watching it. Throw us a bone every now and again, know what I mean?

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

I never know what to think with LOST. I don't like to think one thing, get confused, proven wrong, etc.... so I normally just try to understand! My BF is a LOST fanatic, and he started me watching them. So I love that I can ask him question after question and he loves answering them. I heart Faraday too!

Serena said...

I've finally caught up with both episodes in one day, though I am itching for a new one...

Faraday rocks...though he is a bit creepy and the new connection he has with Desmond's father in law...scary...

is it me or did hurley rock that first episode.

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