Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Oh the glories of vacation! I cannot begin to express how much I love not waking up to an alarm clock! Of course, Saturday was my laziest day ever! I cleared out my google reader which is actually not such a good thing for me because I then feel compelled to go find more blogs to add.

I've been reading less than I wanted to. I still have a fantasy of spending an entire day reading, but sadly, there's still other stuff to do. We'll see. I can't believe a week has already gone by. :(

I'm still reading holiday themed books, they fit my mood for right now. I haven't reviewed the ones I read after Christmas...I might still do that or I might save the reviews for next year.

This blog will probably be pretty busy over the next few days as I post year end wrap-ups. It's perfect because it seems that not many other people are blogging right now! :) So hopefully a few of you are still around to read. I've been working on those posts and it's a fun way to reflect back on the year.

I do hope to get some reading in today....having given myself the freedom to read whatever strikes my fancy, I'm actually finding it incredibly difficult to make choices. :)

Oh and I saw Marley and Me. I haven't read the book but I thought the movie was really cute. I'll be posting a fun little Marley and Me giveaway at The Friendly Book Nook in the next couple of days, so be sure to look out for that!



Anonymous said...

Well... I got you beat... slept in until 2pm! AHA! Seriously... I got up, read and fell back asleep. I had a great dinner at Lucille's. Do you know where it's at? You SHOULD TOTALLY GO! It was awesome! And, I'm almost done with my book for the week. I started a new MEME at A Novel Menagerie called Monday's Movie. I went and saw it on Christmas Day at Bella Terra and it was so cute, huh? My review is posting on Monday. I'll update it to forward to your post for the giveaway.

Happy New Year, Amy! I still haven't figured out twitter!



Anonymous said...

oops. I went and saw Marley and Me.... should have clarified.

Beth Kephart said...

Sometimes when we don't read we are preparing ourselves to read more closely, to pay even closer attention to the books we finally get around to....

Melissa said...

Hi Amy - I'm still around, reading and working on my "end of year" reading posts. Looking forward to reading yours!

Megan said...

I'm still around to read and working on wrapping up a lot of bloggy loose ends from this year. It's ironic, as usual, that when I finally have time to blog and blog hop most everybody else has closed up shop for the holidays. ::sigh:: Oh well, guess it's a good time to get to the backlog in the Google Reader... :)

Shana said...

Amy, I'm one of those who is not blogging much but I am reading the blogs in my FeedDemon!

Enjoy the remainder of your time off!

Michele said...

I'm here. I'm reading. We saw Bedtime Stories on Christmas Day. Was cute! Enjoy the rest of your days off!

Vickie said...

Still around, too. I vote you take a day off of schtuff so that you can just read.
Lady K and I will go see Marley and Me this week. We have a small lineup of movies for our vacation week.

The Bookworm said...

Enjoy your vacation, it is wonderful not having to wake up to an alarm clock :)

bermudaonion said...

I was out of town for a few days, so I'm feeling overwhelmed by my reader. I'm going to have to just skip a lot of posts.

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