Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Which I Have Discovered a New Favorite Blog

Say what you want about the time sucking properties of Twitter (and I will tomorrow or the next much to blog, so little time) but I've learned a lot on there from what blogs I should be reading for example. (and other things too, like where good sales are, etc.)

Somehow I never knew about Beth Kephart until someone was twittering about it. So I looked her blog up and WOW. This is the post that made me fall in love. But it's the overall general tone of the blog that I simply adore and that has moved it onto the must read list. Right along with her books.

So I sort of live under a rock, but in case any of you did, too, I wanted to make sure you got out from under it and didn't miss out.


Beth Kephart said...

Oh my goodness. I. I.... Well, I don't even know how Twitter works, and I'm not even sure how anyone has found my blog in the first place—it's all so mysterious to me.

But I do know kindness when I see it, and I see it right here with you.

Thank you.

Alea said...

Beth is so sweet!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Beth and her blog are made of awesome!

Mari said...

I am a fan as well. :)

Beth Kephart said...

Amy, I'm coming right back at you in a few minutes on my blog. I just needed to find the right image (sometimes it takes me awhile).

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard of Beth either. WONDERFUL post! And blog. Thanks for the heads-up, Aims.

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