Friday, December 5, 2008

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: The Christian Fiction Label

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season. I have to admit I love it, I've been listening to Christmas music!

Today's question is inspired by a conversation Lilly started over at Book Blogs. What do you think about labeling books as Christian fiction? As you know, the range of spiritual content in Christian books varies tremendously. Some books barely even mention God while others use a lot of Scripture. Do you think Christian fiction books should be in a separate section of the bookstore or library? Do you think this limits who might read these books? Do you have any idea of how they could be arranged differently? And a little off topic but do you have a preference about whether or not books have a lot of spiritual content or only a little?

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3. Stormi
4. Sunny (That Book Addiction)
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7. Deborah (Books, Movies and Chinese Food)
8. Pam
9. Nis\'
10. Mimi B @ Woven By Words
11. Becky
12. Marvin D Wilson
13. Karla @ Ramblin\' Roads
14. MizB (late but here!)
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kalea_kane said...

Thanks so much for another great question, Amy!

SmilingSally said...

I always wonder what you think. Please come visit to see my answers to your thoughtful questions.

Annette said...

The term Christian fiction does not bother me, although I've heard it also called inspirational fiction.
In our city library Christian fiction is mixed in with the department of fiction books. I like this approach better. Yes, I do believe that a person that is an unbeliever will have access to one of these books, and maybe by accident will ck. the book out and for the first time be at least introduced to these books.
In answer to your last question which is my favorite one; spiritual content is a must, that is what makes it a Christian book. The degree of depth of spiritual content is of course left up to the author and the Holy Spirit. I've heard several Christian authors express that they are led by the Holy Spirit to write their books. I do prefer books that are more raw, meaning more real life and applicable, not a "sweet type of fairy tale" so to speak.

Pam said...

Thanks for always sharing such thought provoking questions.

Anonymous said...

My answer is late, but it is up.

Unknown said...

Great post Amy. I am very happy that you decided to make the issue so interesting. And also great questions. Make you think, don't they?

Unknown said...

I grabbed the questions on Saturday and started a draft post but the weekend got away from me so quickly its almost scary and I just finally got back to that draft which is now live with my answer.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy -- thanks to a comment on my blog from this blogger, I have an idea for a future FnF Saturdays post: "Why do you think the QUALITY of Christian fiction hasn't ever been as good as that of mainstream fiction? I mean, writers are writers...right?"

It's interesting to think about. ;)

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