Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Books for the Holidays Meme

Jeane at Necromancy Never Pays passed on this this little meme from Harriet about the books we're buying for the holidays, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I can't actually give specific titles because a lot of the people in my life read this blog. ;)

Here are the questions:
What books are you giving this Christmas? Well I can tell you that about 95% of my gifts are books. I can't tell you the titles.

What makes a book a good gift book?
I think that the book needs to be a good one. That's the only requirement.

Do you give the same books to a lot of different people or pick out books individually?
I usually pick out different books for different people. I might buy a lot of a book I really love. But I can't actually remember the last time I did that. I'm kind of picky about gift giving so it works better for me to find a book the recipient will know is for them.

Do you always give books you’ve read yourself, or are there occasions where you give something that you haven’t read?
I definitely give books I haven't read. I don't have the same taste as a lot of people I know. In fact, I think of all the books I'm giving this year I may have only read one them. In this case, I know I selected a few titles based on recommendations of book bloggers.

That's it! The other ladies didn't tag specifically, but I think I will. I'm going to tag a few folks working on the Buy Books for the Holidays blog.


I hope they do it! Feel free to play along on your own blog or answer in comments!


Serena said...

Great idea for a post, but I have a similar problem...the recipient someones read my blog and so i cannot name the books. LOL

Ali said...

I'll do it. :-) It'll take me a little bit to get to it, though. Must homeschool the children a tad, first.

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