Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What do you Most Hope for from an Obama Presidency?

I know my readers did everything from abstain from voting to voting for Ralph Nader but now that it's all behind us, I think everyone can weigh in on what they hope for in a new presidency.

I'll share my thoughts. I think a great deal of why Barack Obama was elected was his ability to inspire. So I hope for a more hopeful America. I hope for improved international relations. I hope for a more unified America. (In order to accomplish that, I do think he will need to steer clear from social issues for awhile and focus on the economy)

I have to admit that I also hope that my taxes do not get raised. I don't trust campaign talk and don't know how all of the ambitious goals will be accomplished without raising taxes. Having said that, I'm no expert. ;)

How about you? What are your hopes? Please, regardless of how you voted, keep this positive. Hateful comments will be deleted. You can, however, share your concerns.


Anonymous said...

First, your taxes will be raised. The democratic party's motto is "Tax and Spend." Others may disagree, but history proves this.

I'm with you, I'd like to see a unified America. Obviously, we all aren't going to agree on every issue. That's God's blessing to us as a society. It keeps us from getting bored, but it also allows Satan to take hold.

What one thing I'd like to happen, is us(including me) as Christians would start doing more of what the Bible teaches, most of our social problems would disappear.

Thanks for letting me hop on my soap box. I'll get off now and put it away.

Serena said...

"Tax and spend" may have been the propaganda of old...Clinton and the House and Senate balanced the budget. Bush didn't tax, but he sure did spend.

MY hope is to get beyond this partisan crap...its pointless and divides the nation unnecessarily. We need to learn to care for ourselves, the poor, the sick, and children.

Its not about politics...its about ourselves...learning to be our best and care for others as we wish to be cared for. We need to start with ourselves and the politicians will learn from and follow our example.

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly hoping for improved international relations as you mentioned. I like Obama's promised policy of talking. I never thought that punishing countries by not speaking to them was a good idea. I also, however, sincerely hope that he focuses on America. We need to help ourselves before we can help the rest of the world. Creating jobs, bolstering the economy, finding alternative sources of fuel - these are all important issues right now. I strongly suspect our taxes will be raised, although as I'm not likely to be earning much or anything in the next four years, this will not affect me. It will affect my parents (and me eventually of course), but I honestly don't see how we can dig ourselves out of this hole without money that is not borrowed - but I do hope that those taxes go towards improving America, not waging war. Most important issue there for me is the healthcare system. Universal health care is not perfect, but there are good examples out there and I hope we follow them. Many of my friends do not have insurance right now and I worry that I won't either when I move back to the States.

That's about all I can think of at present ... you can start to see why I voted for Obama, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, sweetie, get ready cuz your taxes WILL increase. Liberalism, with Obama at the helm, is pro big government, pro Big Brother takes care of all of us needy folks, pro taxing the living daylights out of us so big brother government can spend our dollars (almost everything we earn after living expenses) on what THEY deem fit.

I sound a little grumpy, but I'll get over it. Life goes on. It's not about government anyway that makes our country great or awful. It's about us. We the People. I blogged about that very thing today, and the comments gallery is just hopping. It's all about us, all about we the people. We need to get back to grass roots. Back to caring and away from apathy. Love each other follow the golden rule. Depending on government to solve all our problems is just living in Disneyland. Good leadership, inspiring leaders are of course wonderful. But they can do nothing without a nation of people who give a damn.

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Amy said...

rcwriter...I agree that as Christians we are especially charged with caring for the poor and those in need.

Serena--I hope so as well. But that's been my hope for the last 8 years.

Meghan...Healthcare is so tricky. I've lived without it and am so thankful to have it now. All kinds of reform is needed, I think, though, to make universal healthcare an affordable option for a nation our size.

Marvin...I know. I don't make much as it is. I agree with you about it being about the people. We put WAY too much hope in government. I did check out your post and comments. It's time to start bringing more attention to the real issues facing Americans now.

Corey Wilde said...

I didn't need the Feds to do anything to have my taxes raised. My local taxes went up significantly yesterday.

What I hope for from Mr. Obama's presidency: Improved international relations, an end to the wars, a budget designed to eventually come into balance, truth, decency, universal health insurance, equal rights for everyone, a comprehensive energy policy that actually does reduce our reliance on oil (foreign or otherwise), a giant broom to sweep out corruption, intervention in Darfur and the Congo that eases suffering instead of promoting it, a new push to conquer HIV, the punishment of corporations who outsource jobs or promote the outsourcing of jobs (can you say Wal-mart?), tax reform, an end to bailouts of industries and CEOs who have overreached, and the new puppy Mr. O promised should be housetrained before moving it into the White House.

But I'd be happy if I saw genuine efforts made toward achieving these things and exposure of the people, lobbyists, corporations or institutions who would obstruct these things in order to preserve or increase their personal wealth.

Like Reverend King, I, too, have a dream.

Wendy said...

A agree 100% with Serena. And I agree that Obama won in large part because of his ability to inspire and his message of uniting rather than being divisive. I also believe in his sincerity...whether he will be able to implement all he wants to remains to be seen (there is much to the huge political machine which won't change just because we have a new President), but my hope is that people will be less partisan and depend less on name calling (ie: "liberals just tax and spend", etc...) and focus on where we can come to the center and find collaboration to solve our problems. I hope the cynicism and bashing and trying to fit people into pigeon holes based on religion, race and political affiliation will STOP. It is time for us to work together...and I think that is what the majority of Americans were saying when they marked their ballots.

Amy said...

Corey..I'm glad you have low expectations. ;) I'm glad you mentioned outsourcing. It painfully has cost many jobs within my own company and think that it is contributing hugely imbalance in our economy right now.

Wendy...I believe he is sincere as well. I didn't vote major party this time, but I actually knew I would be okay with either candidate winning. They are both fine men.

Anonymous said...

What do I hope for? For an intelligent approach to issues, getting counsel from varying viewpoints and then making informed decisions about the best ways to address issues. I'm excited, truly excited, about having a President who names American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr as one of his favorite philosophers, and who, when asked what he takes away from Niebuhr's writings, responds, "I take away,” Obama answered in a rush of words, “the compelling idea that there’s serious evil in the world, and hardship and pain. And we should be humble and modest in our belief we can eliminate those things. But we shouldn’t use that as an excuse for cynicism and inaction. I take away ... the sense we have to make these efforts knowing they are hard, and not swinging from na├»ve idealism to bitter realism.”

I'm ready to see what the next four years bring.

Jen said...

Marvin's comment about getting back to grass roots and inspiring people to care about gov't again is exactly what I'm hopeful about with Obama. Although both candidates would have been ok, I do think we have a better chance of getting beyond the partisan stuff with Obama. As far as the taxes, this is what I don't get--we have spent trillions on the war in Iraq. Where did that money come from? If it wasn't from taxes, then where? The imaginary piggy bank in the basement of the White House? I guess if there is going to be spending, I'd rather it go to education, research for alternative energy, and healthcare, rather than funding a war. If my taxes go up for good causes then I guess I'm ok with that if it is for the greater good.

Wendy said...

Jen: the money *is* in the imaginary piggy bank called deficit spending...we've put the war on a giant credit card with obscene interest rates. I hope that we will get back to a balanced budget (like we had in the Clinton years) where we do not spend trillions of dollars we don't have...and I agree with you - we need education and healthcare reform in this country badly. I hope that (as a physical therapist) I can stop seeing people suffering because they do not have health would be a fine day in America when every day people could get BASIC healthcare regardless of their wealth (or lack of it).

Kim said...

Amy, first and foremost I hope the Lord will open his eyes and those of the American people before they give away the hard-won freedoms of our people. I hope that the "free-ride" mentality will evaporate and that people will stop looking to the government for their answers. I hope that our government does not place America on the alter of "world" government.

I live in the Southeast, and just one day after the election co-workers encountered the following: a lady saying that the local deli should "feed the poor" for free because that's what Obama said - and a lady stating she was glad Obama was elected so she didn't have to worry if she missed her mortgage payment. These comments were not made in jest but in false assurance that their "free" ride was about to commence in earnest. That was pretty scary.

My hope is that God will turn hearts back toward Him and that Christians will rise up with a loud voice to work against any legislation that will rob America of its freedom. The battle begins in January!

Amy said...

Stephen...interesting quote. I am interested to see how things unfold with our first president of a post-modern faith.

Jen..yeah, we do need education reform, stat! :) On the issue of healthcare, my optimism is more reserved.

Kim...that's shocking (see education reform above. ;))

One more thing...I hope Obama does not enact his extreme left views on abortion. If he does, we can kiss unity good-bye.

Serena said...

From what Jen said "Where did that money come from? If it wasn't from taxes, then where? "

I'll tell you where, from that great big magic hat that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson keeps in his least that's what we call it in my office.

Andi said...

Amy, first let me say that I thought your blog post was awesome, and very heartfelt. As for what I hope for from Obama's presidency . . . My hope is simple and to the point. I hope Obama relies on our Lord and savior as his COMMANDER AND CHIEF and then he won't make bad decisions. I want to see a MAN committed to Christ, not hear about it. ~Andie

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