Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Important Things to Discuss

Here's the new Fray video and song which also serves as a promo to LOST's season 5:

I think I've already watched it six or seven times.

First item of we like the new Fray song? I loved the Fray's first CD. I thought it was practically perfect in every way. My alarm is actually a Fray song. I heart the Fray. I think it's very smart to use their songs as videos for addictive shows. The loyal fans watch about a thousand times trying to understand the tiny new clips we get and the song gets drummed into their heads. My initial thought is that yes, I like this new song and it's the perfect promo song for LOST except that I wish Sayid wasn't the one lying on the floor during that lying on the floor part...which leads me to..

What do we think of the new clips? I hate that I'm always fretting over the fate of my favorite characters! NO KILLING PENNY OR DESMOND! NO KILLING SAYID! And I have to say that a Sawyer/Juliet hook-up would be very strange. And Jin. :(

I was reading over at Dark UFO that the ratio of the cast is 9 males to 3 females. That's amazing. (Girly moment) LOST does boast some fine men on the cast though, huh? I think Jen should do a Friday eye candy of all the gorgeous men that have been on LOST.

Okay, I need to go to bed. I have about 14,000 things to do tomorrow. Please tell me your thoughts, though!!!


S. Krishna said...

I might lose the will to go on living if they kill off Des or Sayid!

Suey said...

Wow. I like. Cool. Intense. I agree, no killing off certain characters. And let me know if the eye candy post goes up somehwere! :)

Florinda said...

I have said since Season 1 that Lost has the best-looking men on TV.

Sayid didn't have enough to do last season, but they'd better not be killing him off - or Desmond either! (I haven't watched the clip yet.)

Ana said...

Adding my plea to "DONT KILL DESMOND"

After Sawyer he is my favorite!

caite said...

I say that they are all fair game to be killed! Yes, even Sayid and Desmond! Ok, maybe not Sawyer...but all the rest.
I must say I really love this show. I am never totally sure what is going on..but I love it.

Amy said...

You are all my people. :) Aack, only 61 more days! :)

Anonymous said...

I have now Faved it on YouTube and sent it to my BF... hehehe. Can't wait! Can't wait! We'll probably rewatch Season 4 over Christmas break.

I KNOW I don't want them killing Desmond or Sayid either!! And I am dyyying to find out what happened to Jin!!

Amy said...

I know! I ordered my DVDs and can't wait to watch them. :)

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