Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Noteworthy Links

While I keep a shared items box on my sidebar, I do like to pull out the really fun and good stuff from time to time.

First and most you like Christmas books? If so, please consider participating in the Friendly Book Nook's Christmas book swap. Read about it here.


The Bloggable Music Network has its own blog now and I hear next week there will be a free album download for bloggers so check it out!


Did you see the movie Blood Diamond? Did it make you think differently about how diamonds are obtained? Did you know that coltan...what's used in your cell phones, laptops, etc. also often finances rebel groups that are committing terrible acts in the Congo right now? Read Laura's very informative post with information about what you can do about it here.


Can you tell the difference between Shakespeare and the Bible? Find out here! (HT:Brant)


One of the cutest things ever I've read about Kat's kids.


Jen from Daily Mish Mash has truly outdone herself. If you're not reading her blog, why not?? This is one of the best posts I've read in a long time. Very funny stuff. Oh and if you're a Twilight fan you'll really want to click over.


Julie Lessman is not only one of my favorite authors, she occasionally blogs at Seekerville. (a collaborative blog of contest entering authors) and what she writes always really touches me. Here's her most recent post.


Jen said...

Thanks for linking!! I really wasn't expecting that post to get so much positive feedback. I was just being silly. :)

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