Saturday, November 8, 2008

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: The First Christian Fiction Book You Remember Reading

We have a new title! Faith 'n Fiction Saturday won by a long shot.

Now, if somebody wants to make us a button, we can all be super happy! :)

Today's Question:

We all come to faith in Jesus at different times in our lives and we all come to Christian fiction at different times, too! What's the first book in the Christian fiction genre you can remember reading? What was your impression of it? Did it make you want to read more or less?

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Andi said...

Hey Amy,
Great question! I had fun answering this one!

kalea_kane said...

Thank you for doing this every week Amy! You are really something else! :)

Sunny said...

Yay!!! We have a name! Cant wait for the button. I have no clue how to make them, but hopefully some will!

Anonymous said...

Got mine up, Aims!

Fun topic.

darbyscloset said...

Yeah, I'm glad we have a title, I was feeling a little titleless! : ) I have no idea how to make a button.
The first and only Christian Book I can think of is one I read lately by Ginger Garrett, "In the Shadow of Lions". And YES, I want to read more. I contacted her to see if was to be a series and she was just finishing book 2...yeah!
Does "Mr Linky" work with My Space....could I link to my blog page there?
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

SmilingSally said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks so much for doing this!

Could you email me and let me know:
1. When do you put this post up?
2. Where is your answer?


smilingsal55 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Donna said...

I loved the question it brought back some memories.

Kim said...

This is fabulous Amy! I look forward to this every week!


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

This is my first time taking part in Faith 'n Fiction. I've written my post and left my link in the linky thing. Hope you'll stop by and leave a comment!

Wyn said...

Oh wow, I never thought of it. I had to really think about it and then decided that I had always read Christian books. Good question.

Danica Favorite said...

Great Question!

Anonymous said...

AMY - I emailed you some ideas for the buttons... sent it to the BBAW at Gmail address, as it's the one I had on file. Hope that's okay.


Andi said...

Hey Amy, just saw your comment on my blog . . . you need to get yourself a copy of This Present Darkness and read it! ;-) Andie

Sunny said...

Ok Amy. Where's your answer?! *tapping foot, hand on hip*

Unknown said...

I am playing catch up and doing all the questions through today (Nov 15) in one post so my link above has my answers from Oct 18 through Nov 15.

Becky said...

I'll just answer this question (since I'm late to the game) here in the comments. My first Christian fiction...Janette Oke...Frank Peretti...Catherine Marshall's Christy...I remember reading a lot of Eugenia Price. And some Grace Livingston Hill.

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