Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All This Stuff I Keep Forgetting to Mention

There is a lot of REALLY cool stuff going on in the blogosphere that I've neglected to mention.

First off, Kat of The Secret Life of Kat is taking blog tours to the music level. If you are interested in Christian music and helping spread the word about fantastic under appreciated artists, you might want to sign up for the Bloggable Music Network.

Shaun Groves is taking another group of bloggers to the Dominican Republic in November with Compassion International. The last trip was amazing to follow along with and I have no doubt this one will be equally as powerful. As we struggle with our economy and the upcoming commercial holiday season we can all be reminded of how much we still have to give. You can visit this page to get widgets to add to your blog.

Tracy of Bookroom Reviews is hosting a book giveaway carnival next week. I'll be giving something away for sure!


Karen Harrington said...

Thanks for mentioning all of this cool stuff. I'm hopping over to the book give-away carnival now.

Anonymous said...

thanks Amy, the music tours are a great idea and of course Compassion. I'm happy you're joining in:)

Anonymous said...

Wow - great stuff, Amy. Thanks for the tips and links. Hey, I'm just ITCHING for Friday. got my vampire story all written and editing it to go. Fun stuff! TTYS (smile)

Marvin blogs at Free Spirit:
Eye Twitter 2 -

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