Friday, August 8, 2008

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!

Dear Friends,

This just arrived in my mailbox. I may be back for a post tomorrow if I can tear myself away.

What's the last book you were really really really excited to read?


Sarah said...

Really, really, really excited? Man! That's a high standard. lol

Probably the book I've been most excited about AFTER reading is Lifetime Guarantee by Bill Gilham. It's a Christian Living book.

The last fiction book I remember being excited about reading was "How to Kill a Rock Star" by Tiffanie DeBartolo.

Anonymous said...

"A Feast for Crows" by Robert Jordan - and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, but he keeps delaying....

Anonymous said...

That one!!! And I am slightly jealous...maybe my copy will arrive soon....very, very soon :o)

Hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I received my copy yesterday.*g* I'm really excited about the release of On a Whim.

Julie P. said...

Still waiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, REALLY, REALLLLY wanted to read? Hmm... I have no idea. I really, REALLY REALLLLLY want to read all of them. oh, I know! the latest Liz Curtis Higgs Book that's coming out in 2009 (the title escapes me right now), and the new Nancy Moser book, Washington's Lady :)

LOL and this one.. and The Cubicle Next Door. and... okay now you started it!!

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