Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Feelings on Johnny Depp and then Some Other Stuff

My brain is empty of thought, due to the holiday weekend, I do believe.

I watched Sweeney Todd yesterday, and found much to my surprise that I really enjoyed it. I'm a little bit worried about what this says about me, seeing as the film is very dark and violent without a shred of happiness in it. I can't even claim it's due to the wonderful singing since that was mostly medicore. A bit like "Once More With Feeling" type singing, and not so much Phantom of the Opera. Anyway, I was also puzzling over how much I just like to watch Johnny Depp on screen even when he has a streak of white in his hair and looks, as Helena Bonham Carter put it, pale with sunken eyes.

Which got me to thinking...when talking about books we often refer to our auto-buy authors. The authors we love so much we don't even need to read the blurb to know that we will pre-order their books or buy them the day they hit bookstore shelves.

Do you have an auto-go-to-the-theater actor or actress? If not go to the theater, at least watch every single film they've ever been in? I can't say this is true of Johnny Depp for me because I haven't seen everything he's been in, but I sort of wanted to while watching this movie.

And ever since seeing John Malkovich in the currently out of print screen adaptation of The Glass Menagerie, I've always loved him. But he often plays very bizarre characters, so no I haven't seen everything he's been in either.

I've seen most of Meg Ryan's current movies, but some of the older ones I simply couldn't sit through.

So I guess I don't have an auto go the theater/watch everything they've ever been in actor or actress. But I do think the actors and actresses can sway what I'll watch. For example, I think Ryan Gosling is so incredibly talented that I will watch movies I otherwise wouldn't for him. (Half Nelson) And I don't feel the same way about him that Jen does. ;) I guess I sort of feel the same way about Johnny Depp. And John Cusack. And for actresses, I like Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet. OH! I have seen just about everything Brad Pitt has been in. Oh, and Keri Russell, too, which leads me to....

Another thing, while I'm rambling on and on about this subject, is that I do have a lot of loyalty to television actors and actresses from my most beloved shows. For example, once Buffy was over I tried to follow Sarah Michelle Gellar's career. But pretty much everything she's been in since the end of Buffy has been, well to put it nicely, crap. So I gave up on that. I'm hoping for better things for Kristen Bell, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall was not that great of a start.

Anyway, all of that to you have an auto-go-to-the-theater or watch everything they've been in actor or actress? Or both?


Anonymous said...

I won't watch everything, but Will Smith, James Marsden & Reese Witherspoon will get me to the theater most times.

Chrisbookarama said...

I'll see anything with Will Smith in it.

Anonymous said...

I found I am like that with Johnny Depp. I don't necessarily like the movie, but the actor. What was it that he starred in...Willie Wonka? I was amazed at how he transformed into the character. He is beyond amazing to me!

Angie said...

How funny, I watched Sweeney Todd yesterday too. But I'm afraid I didn't care for it. It was too dark and violent for me. But I have a friend who loves Johnny Depp and she really enjoyed Sweeney Todd so maybe if I was a huge Johnny Depp fan I would have enjoyed the movie more. But to answer your question I don't think I really have an auto-go-to-the-theater actor or actress at the moment. Well, I guess if Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan came out with something I would want to see it..think I've seen almost everything they both have done.

Paul J. said...

I've liked just about everything Depp has done. Some other "go-to's" for me...
Paul Giamatti
Russell Crowe
Tom Hanks
Freddie Highmore
Harrison Ford
Lawrence Fishburne
Morgan Freeman

Jen said...

Of course, I'm this way with Ryan, but James McAvoy, Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks are also on my list. I'll pretty much see anything they're in.

So, this is really funny. Your post showed up in my google alerts for Ryan with a mention of my name. I told my husband that I think I'm going be on the stalker list for sure.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hanks is a good choice, and Kate Winslet, and Colin Firth. I also noticed that Minnie Driver is in 3 or four of my favorite movies.

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