Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let's Talk Emmys

I'm sitting here listening to O Holy Night. Thank you Boomama!

And if you enjoy television like I do (not that I've been watching any TV since the LOST finale), you know that the shortlist for the Emmy nominations have been released as a bit of a teaser to us all. I'm super happy to see that LOST made the list for drama (and it better get the nomination and the win) and Pushing Daisies made the comedy list (which I will write about closer to the S1 DVD release..methinks you've been missing out on a treat of a show if you don't watch it) Those are my picks to win. They are high quality shows all around full of originality and completely deserving to win.

Now let's talk actors and actresses. Much to my surprise, this man is on the shortlist.

Now, I love me some Sayid, and I do think Naveen Andrews is a good actor, but here's who I really wanted to see on the list.

I think Henry Ian Cusick is incredibly talented. I thought his performance in The Constant was superb and I think he deserved to be on that list. Having said that all of that here's my pick to win, the most deserving of them all:

Love Ben or hate him, there's no denying that Michael Emerson is one heck of an actor. And so funny, too, I love reading his interviews! (unlike Naveen Andrews who always manages to whine about something)

I can't be bothered with the women, the only one on the list I think deserves it is Sandra Oh. Even with the crummy material she sometimes gets, she always hits it out of the park. I think Yunjin Kim is a glaring omission....just watch this clip from season 4 of LOST...it makes me cry every time!

Apparently we find out the 17th who the final nominees are.

So those are my opinions...who or what shows impressed you on television this year?

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Audra Krell said...

I am on episode 3 of the first season of LOST. I have a long way to go before I can comment on the actors, but am excited to see what happens in your clip in season 4! : )

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