Thursday, July 3, 2008

About Me

My name is Amy, and yes, I'm your friend!

This blog is where I share the things I'm reading, watching, and thinking about. It's an important outlet for me in my busy life. I live and work in Southern California, spend way more time in the car than I'd like, love Cardinals baseball, The Walking Dead and all things zombie, and of course, curling up with a good book!

About the Name of This Blog
When I first started blogging I really wanted my friends to remember the url and I thought this would be easy. At the time, I didn't know about things like BRANDING and BEING STUCK FOREVER WITH YOUR NAME and so now I'm stuck forever with this. BUT, I really do consider my readers my friends -- I hope you don't mind! Also, one cool bonus is that you can totally go in a bookstore and ask for a book and say, "my friend Amy recommended it" and unless they read this blog they will have no idea who you're talking about! Win/win, am I right?

About Comments
I love and live for comments, thank you, but please be respectful of other people posting and comments of a racist, sexist, homophobic or other hateful nature will be not tolerated.

I hope you'll stick around so we can become friends!

You can always email me at, follow me on Twitter, , and friend me on Facebook.

(I do accept books for review. Please see my review policy before contacting me)


Angie said...

Hey, I've been to St Louis twice. :) I love Grant's Farm which is no surprise since I love animals.

Gonna have to check out the blog you have with your mom and sister.

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. :)

Carole said...

You are a delightful person, Amy, and I enjoy your blog.

Enchanted Etymologist said...

You sound like a fun and up-beat person! Keep writing!

ratmammy said...

Hi Amy.. i found your blog via "madeleine's" blog (sylvie) and found we have a few things in common... I'm not christian but i do read christian fiction so i recognized the author Kathryn Cushman. I also am ADD plus I am japanese (born in the states). I will have to add you to my blog reader. :)

ratmammy said...

ps - I also live in southern california. :)

Anonymous said...

I admit I was curious about the name of your blog and just now this this page. :)

Unknown said...

I loved your blog Amy! Found the link through Ramya's blog and have added u onto my feeds :)I enjoy your book reviews. keep it going!

Obie Holmen said...

Hey Amy,

Nice blog!

Perhaps you would like to review my upcoming novel of Biblical fiction, "The Jewish Gentile". Paul the apostle is the main character, and his conflict is with James, the brother of Jesus. The novel is a bit cutting edge, and some may find it offensive. Check out my own blog of progressive, religious themes at

If you don't mind, I will add your blog to my blogroll.

Nada said...

Hey Amy, really nice blog, I love it! found your link on (Reading Challenge Clearinghouse), i just joined your (Vampire Diaries challenge)
I you don't mind, I'm adding you to my blog roll :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I'm a librarian, and I agree that literacy is very important. :)

Barb said...

I'm new to blogging and yours is impressive! Is is okay if I add it to my blog? I write Christian fiction, have a 2nd book released in Nov. "Not In My Wildest Dreams". I'll wait to hear back.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh very cool that you're a woman of faith and openly discuss that.
*high five*

Anonymous said...

hi! i rly like your blog! its hard to find good reviews by just typing it in on google. im a 13 young lady and just now figuring out that i have an unstoppable passion for reading. im obsessed. i am a teen reader so i am more in to the darker stuff, longing romamces with vampires, and angels and demons and all that wonderful happy stuff. but when i grow up i would like to be a writer not sure what kind, but i crave it. im also a person of faith.(christian) and i think anyone who talks freely of faith needs a round of applause. so i just wanted to say thanks for having a blog i can rely on to find what i need!
have a blessed day!

Christine Faris said...

Hi Amy!! I stumbled upon your blog this morning via The Sunday Salon at ShouldbeReading's blog, and I love it! I am also a follower of Christ, and a bibliophile! :D I've added you to my list of must-read blogs! When I finish the YA novel I'm working on, I'll send it your way :)

Feel free to stop by my blog:

Shelsie17 said...

What is your background in books? Are you a librarian, teacher librarian, teacher? Looking forward to reading the blog.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt said...

Your blog is fantastic! Interesting, funny, and well done. Thanks so much! ;-)

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