Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Upcoming 40 Day Fast

Last year, I posted late in the fast and was one of, I think, only about three people who talked about slavery. I took the specific angle of the sex slave trade. This year as I was reading through the registrations, it was exciting to see how may people were interested in this topic and how many different groups they wanted to write about.

This year I'll be fasting for something else (you'll just have to wait and see what! ;) But I'm still interested in that topic and would like to still blog about it here from time to time. (I didn't do enough of it this year!)

The I2A team met last night to hammer out the schedule. Normally we meet via web chat, but this time we teleconferenced! It was a little bit confusing, but interesting to finally hear these bloggers' voices I've been reading for these oh so many years. Maybe one day I'll meet them!

Anyway, the schedule will be posted later today at Inspired to Action. I hope you'll follow along with the fast and learn about what a bunch of great organizations are doing around the world to combat poverty and need.


Sarah said...

Looking forward to reading your post. Thanks for your dedication.

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