Wednesday, October 3, 2007

See? The Left and the Right Can Get Along!

Seriously, there are times when I just don't get it. I mean everyone is allowed to have a passion. It's cool that the world is so different. But these sorts of events and ideas just don't make sense to me on the grand scale of things. Does anyone really think this is the answer to what ails them? Or am I naive?


Shawn said...

I have no answer, I made it public today that I don't vote because I cannot stand the claim to "having the right answer."

Chaotic Hammer said...

The truth about stuff like this is that it is extremely fringe. I've heard that South Carolina has one of the strongest genuine secessionist movements anywhere, and I'd bet that if you had it brought to a vote during an election, less than 10% of the people in the state would vote to secede.

I happen to agree with anyone who believes that the current-day balance between the federal government and states' rights is so far out of whack from what the Founders intended that it's hardly even recognizable.

But given the current complete lack of lucidity of the typical American regarding our history, founding documents, and form of government, I honestly don't foresee any major changes any time soon. Modern politics in America is mostly about popularity, 10-second sound bytes, and the exchange of power and wealth among a select few.

Gee, do I sound cynical or what?

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