Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Save the Gorillas

Gorillas are pretty amazing animals. They can be taught to communicate pretty well with humans. That amazes me.

Unfortunately, the ebola virus is killing them off. And men. That makes me sad. Can you imagine a world without gorillas?

Animal extinction is so bizarre. Something that once was simply goes away forever.

Read about it here.


~ jen ~ said...

I think it is tragic that we, as humans, (in general) have no respect for the life on this planet. Since we are the ones with reason and logic, should we not, then, be the keepers, and protectors, of the animals and plants on this Earth?

And not to make the gorillas seem less important....

Did you know about the honeybee dilemma? I heard about it on the news, and read up on it at the American Beekeeping Federation webpage, a la

They had a link there to the San Francsico Chronicle, which was very interesting, indeed. It's not so much the market on honey that will hurt, but the crops that depend on pollination (like, uh, EVRYTHING just about)

Amy said...

I have heard a little about the honeybees! Thanks for bringing it up here.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

That's very interesting. The number of causes available to worry oneself about seem endless...

Sometimes it can feel a bit paralyzing.

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