Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Revolution or Evolution?

A few years ago, all anyone in church could talk about was worship. Worship was the fad and worship music sold big. (still does, naturally)

These days it seems all anyone can talk about is how the church is failing and also about taking care of the poor. I sense a sort of "get back to basics" mentality. Let's discover what Jesus really meant. Let's stop making church so complicated and just love people. I'm simplifying things, I know I am. But it seems to me that while this is probably a very important and necessary conversation to have, it's not all that different from the worship trend. People are writing books about how to have an impact in the world or about how to fix this church thing. Christian singers are choosing an aid organization to support.

So my question....are these trends or movements of the Spirit?

Brant wrote somewhere about revolution happening quickly. Is this revoluton or evolution?

I don't know if anyone is up to discussing these things, but I hope so!


euphrony said...

Thinking . . .

Chaotic Hammer said...

This is a fascinating subject, and I think a wonderful and fruitful discussion can and should be had about it.

But I'm in the process of leaving town for a week and a half, and may or may not have internet access.

So... hold that thought and don't start without me. :-)

Just kidding -- but I'm looking forward to returning to a great discussion, if anyone else is willing to start before I return.

Amy said...

I want to add that one thing about the whole "aid" issue that sort of bugs me is that it's very trendy outside of the church as well. Idol Gives Back. Angelina Jolie. Cnn launching a website to help people give. Etc.

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