Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I tried and I failed

I tried to do a second blog to write about books. Then I changed it to write about most artistic endeavors. I just couldn't really make it work. I find that most second blogs get neglected by others as well. So I will just write about all of that stuff here now. This is just a FYI post.

But the important thing is that I can admit that I failed and move on with my life, right?


Nancy Tyler said...

I'd rather read your wonderful ideas all on one blog.

I'm kind of a blog curmudgeon anyway. I get into reading thru some blogrolls and they do so much borrowing from each other between content and topics and with virtually the same audience reading them all. Boring!

Here's to original writing, original ideas and people like you who have the guts to take chances. :)


Amy said...

thanks for your encouragement, Nancy!

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