Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Treasure Today

New Orleans was a city I always wanted to visit before Hurricane Katrina happened. Unfortunately, I never got the chance. I think it's really different now, and while I know that touring there would help pump money into the economy, it doesn't hold the same appeal.

While in Japan, I saw very few original things...much had been destroyed by war or fire and rebuilt. Kind of sad, really.

I went to New York in the spring of 2001 and didn't really pay a bit of attention to the World Trade Center.

I read a headline today that said the great wall of China is crumbling in parts. I feel the need to hop a plane and see it fast before it's gone and the opportunity is missed. (I don't think the whole thing is in danger, though)

We have to grab hold of the opportunities life gives us, God gives us, before they are gone, don't we? When a kind word comes to mind to say to someone--we should. We should tell others that we love them. We should listen even if we are in a hurry. And we should treasure every second we are given with the people we love. Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow, yet I constantly do. I need to open my eyes to the joy of today and the sweetness of the daily living.

Do you have any missed opportunities?


ldperez said...

Needed to hear this today, sis. Don't really want to elaborate, but just know your words spoke to me.

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