Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Traffic Jam

So this morning, I got into my car and headed for work just like countless other mornings. I drove merrily down the road, listening to the ever irritating radio, singing my heart out when they played a good song. All was well.

And then, I got onto the freeway and....lo and behold, the cars. weren't. moving.
(why oh, why do I never hear the traffic report until I'm already in the thick of it?)

It took me two hours to get to work today. Towards the end, my patience had worn completely thin, I was totally exhausted, and an hour late for work. But I made it.

Isn't that just like life? We are going about our business of living and then we hit a traffic jam, if you will, or an obstacle that completely changes our plans. We think we have a goal to reach, but the path has become much slower than ever imagined. In fact, that's what my life at present feels like. I'm still miles away from my destination, steadily going there, but much much much slower than I thought when I started out.

The good news is that I made it to work today. And in a small way, this gives me hope for life.


Thomas said...

What a way to start a day off, stuck in traffic and late for work.

Why is it that it seems that we all are in a hurry to get to someplace? It occurred to me how not being in a hurry allowed me to enjoy all the driving that I had to do during the last two vacations I took. The last two vacations have allowed me the chance to drive through many a beautiful state such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee. This allowed me to see some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. When I drove to Tennessee, I drove by this magnificent lake that seems to go on forever. If I was traveling at the fast pace as everyone else, that lake would have seemed like a blur. Last month when I drove to DC, I drove past a small white church sitting in the valley that looked like it had been there for hundreds of years. If I had been driving at the speed of everyone else, I would have missed that church sitting in the valley. It was because I was taking my time which seemed like I was going way to slow compared to everyone else that allowed me to enjoy the scenery that this country has to offer.

Just maybe slowing down at times or the interruption of our plans allows us the chance to see a beautiful lake or a small white church sitting in a valley. Maybe we need to change and stop being in rush to get to everyplace or to do everything. Then maybe, sitting in a traffic jam or an interruption would not be exhausting and frustrating.

Or maybe I am just way off my rocker and it sticks being in a traffic jam and late for work.


Amy said...


Your trips sound awesome! I love that area of that country.

I love to drive as well, when I'm not in a hurry and there's no traffic.

And you're right, too, that in sitting in the traffic, I noticed the beautiful mountains and palm trees. I rarely take time to enjoy them, and mostly only notice the ugly broken down buildings.

It's just like life...God often slows down our plans to show us something we would have otherwise missed.

Thanks for the input!

Lisa said...

Today I was on my way to Toccoa from my parents mountain home in N.C. I got to Ashville and it was a nightmare! An eighteen wheeler flipped on the interstate and it was backed up for hours! I haven't heard if anyone was hurt or not, but it was a stand still for quite some time. I actually got to read much of a new book and do some praying!

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