Monday, August 20, 2007

Something You Might Not Know About Me #2

Since many of you I know only through the blogging world, I have decided to enlighten you on yet another thing you might not know about me.

I am a very clumsy eater. I somehow manage to always spill stuff all over myself. Like, this morning, upon opening my yogurt, I peeled off the lid and the yogurt sprayed all over me. Honestly, it's like I'm lucky to get through a meal without some sort of mishap.

Now it's your turn to share something I might not know about you. Please be creative and dish on yourself!

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Thomas said...

Be creative? I am in trouble now. lol I have no sense of fashion. I wear jeans, a collard shirt, and a tie to church. In fact, when I have to buy a dress shirt and tie I have to find someone to tell me if they go together. lol


Anonymous said...

I hate whipped cream. Always and forever. :P

Amy said...

Thomas, that's cool. It sounds like a nice outfit anyway! I'm just so thankful to live in an age where it's ok to wear jeans to church!

you don't like cool whip either? I love that stuff...could eat it straight out of the tub!

Chaotic Hammer said...

I had my spleen taken out when I was 14 years old.

Amy said...


Cristy said...

Amy, the yogurt USED to do that to me, too. After, oh I don't know, 100 times, I finally got smart. I take a pen or paperclip off my desk, poke a hole in the top, THEN peel it off. It works every time. :)

Amy said...

Hey, maybe there's hope for me yet, then Cristy, thanks for the tip!

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