Friday, July 27, 2007

Christians and Harry Potter

Shaun Groves wrote this very interesting post about a month ago. He said that in general, metaphors weren't welcome in Christian music and spiritual speak was preferred.

We talked about it in comments...why this was so. Are Christians stupid? Unwilling to think? More comfortable with labels?

I don't think any sort of definitive conclusion was reached.

I bring this up, because I've spent a lot of today reading reactions to the latest Harry Potter book. I was excited to do this, because I thought...surely, surely now everyone will see just how profoundly Christian these books are. Well....I was disappointed. There were still several hate posts and warnings about how children would want to join the occult if they read these books. I have some theories as to why some Christians continue to reject these books, and if you are one of those who do, known as a "Harry Hater" on the Harry friendly sites, you are welcome to share your opinions and thoughts in comments. We can still be friends.

I just think the reason must be somewhat related to the "no metaphors" in Christian music idea.

I also think this article about how important it is to teach the Bible in school on Time's website also plays a part this issue. I think you might be able to get what I'm hinting at.


steven.russell said...

this isn't this related...but i am asking all the people associated with the 40 day fast to post shaun's blog today in trying to help his friend.


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