Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday's Odds and Ends

I was walking by the conference room today and heard someone screaming in there. I mean a serious fight was going down. They were screaming about how they could do it so much better and throwing the f word around. (don't you love how I call it the f word? Children might read this blog!) I thought about rushing over to the air conditioner controls and returning the building to its typical ice box status, because someone needed some serious cooling down.

Speaking's getting hot. My car burns my fingers at the touch. Shade is no longer helping. I hate summer.

There is only white rhino left in Zambia, and he's wounded. Of course, these rhinos are replacements from South Africa, but they were being carefully guarded in the zoo and the poachers still got to them. Stories like that make me really mad.

Apparently, Harry Potter's publisher thinks he's found the next Harry Potter. It's a boy archeologist. C'mon now, can't we mix it up a bit and have a huge girl star? I don't think there will be another Harry Potter for awhile. Speaking of, I read an article that said independent booksellers won't be making any money off the latest books because the big chains are discounting it so much. Darn those big chains! Not that I mind getting my book for a reasonable price. Seriously, it's just like You've Got Mail!

What news stories are catching your eye these days?


kathryn said...

I know. . .i know, but yet i shop at Chapters. I love it there! There's an indie shop in the mall here, but its so darned expensive. I get a membership discount at Chapters, i save some serious coin when they have discounted books that i can apply the member's discount to. . the little shops don't have any such reward system that compares. If they did, i think they'd find they had more customers? I know its not easy for them to do so, because they just don't have the volume buying power of the chains. I find that even the chains may some day up against it, cuz online book purchasing is easy and cheap. . you can get used books online, there's EBay, Amazon. . . there are the book clubs which give better deals that the stores. . .

Amy said...

I totally know Kathryn. It's hard to pay more when you can pay less. I buy a lot from Amazon and I know they're killing the B&M stores. I guess we just have to support the indies when we can!

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