Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moscow is the Most Expensive City in the World

Crazy isn't it? I was thinking for sure it would be some place in Norway after Euphrony's recent post.

I guess I never spent much time thinking that Moscow was really expensive, but it is. Oslo did make it on the list, though, at the number ten spot. London is second on the list and Los Angeles is number 42. It seriously makes me grateful not to be living in Moscow.


euphrony said...

Yeah, after spending a week in a place where the average dish at a restaurant cost ~$35 (just for the main course, no salad, no drink) I can't imagine what it would cost in Moscow. Although, Moscow's costs may be up due to things like housing or utilities, and food is alone is not a good comparison.

Shawn said...

I am shocked. Now is that the most expensive place to live per capita or the most expensive all on the smae playing field? Just currious. i used to live in Ontario California there in southern California and I used to think that was expensive, but south Florida is expensive too. The median price range for homes is in hte upper-mid 100K's.

RC said...

yea, cost of living makes a big difference in how life is for the people that live there.

it's interesting to see how different mindsets come out of that (like, what is entertainment? what is a nice home? what is a families primary goals? etc.

Amy said...

I bet Florida is expensive.

RC have you been to Moscow?

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